Cheaters in the game

They are already in the game. Today Rath was seen with friends. He moved very fast.
This can completely ruin the game.

Could you clarify your post a bit? I cannot tell if it´s ment as funny/sarcastic post or if you really encountert a cheater with immense speedbuff.

There have been cheaters since the launch. If you encounter a user who seems to use cheats, use the report function or reach out to GBX-support on this matter.

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Really faced. I sent a complaint in the game.


Gears can make Rath move a lot faster. Just throwing that out there… Without a video, there’s no proof.

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Is that on PC? Cause I just faced a speedhacking Rath as well. I can upload a video if you like, but I don’t know if it helps nor if this is the right section to do so.


The shirt that says “anime title” made me laugh; it’s SO true…

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God I love it so

Yes, please. It’s the perfect thread for the video.

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It’s true, there is one that uses Rath that goes at full speed, his nick is antazr.No I could not record, but it is very obvious that uses is the profile of steam to be seen.


Looks like they use Phoebe as well:


Yes his name is antazr

Yeah i was in a game and he was cheating as Phoebe

A quick google resulted in this:

@Jythri Dunno what your abilities are with regard to countering hack tools, but you might want to take a look at this.


There are more cheats for BB out there, some generate massive amounts of shards before the match starts.
Try searching for things like: Battleborn Trainer (Some are hidden behind that term.)


That’s what we got. Not new players, just a bunch of cheaters. Meh. I hope their girlfriends will cheat on them too. Ha.

They complain about my “AdBlock Hacks”?

Well duh, cheaters diminish game’s playerbase.
And without playerbase Battleborn devs can’t keep making Battleborn [more] awesome. What a hypocrisy.


Typically, people who are willing to cheat in games are too nerdy or young to HAVE girlfriends…

Just hope they lose their eyes instead. :slight_smile:

Drama dram drama. It’s up to the developers to fix their game security holes. Whenever I see players wishing the worse to other players that don’t meet their general boring standards, it always makes me lose hope for humanity.

Let me ask you guys this, If the cheater was a dear, loving family member, would you still wish him/her the worse?


If it was someone i KNEW, i could correct their mistake myself… :smiling_imp:

Funny, i feel the exact same way whenever i see someone who feels that they need to cheat and ruin others’ fun…