Cheating Hacked Game?

A player by the name of Igbo Commander challenged two of us in a 1v2 on Crimson Bond. My partner and I thought it was strange, because we are good players = he should have stood no chance.

Well, once the game starts, he is outproducing both of us combined!

Plus, his Vagyr Interceptor squads only have 2 fighters in each squad =?!?! Each fighter in his squad also seemed to be about 2-3x as durable.

I was quickly wiped out…and so I selected ‘Continue Watching’.

Turns out he had only 1 resource patch operation, 1 MS and 2 Carriers…but somehow collected many times more RU than us combined, and was pumping out frigates in 1/3 the time. This while still swamping us with fighters.

Let’s put it into perspective…his 1 Rersource Patch and 3 production ships easily outproduced our 6 resource patches and 6 production ships.

How exactly did he do this without the game detecting cheating? Thoughts?

*It is probably noteworthy that he was amendment about being the one to setup up the map/host! I mean, he refused to play unless he set up the map!

What was the map?

Crimson Bond…but I wonder if he just made a nearly identical map to Crimson Bond, and gave himself a start advantage? Like a chunk of debris worth $$$ or something…

But that doesn’t explain the super fast production and Vagyr StrikeCraft with only 2 fighters per squad…

He could have done that. In order to change his ship stats there would need to be some scripting involved as well.

It seems like a strange way to cheat. I mean, why change the squadron size? It makes it obvious that something is up.

Well, I’ll go on Multiplayer and see if I can get some screenshots of this.

The fact that he was so adamant on being the host should have been a red flag for you, in the future if a player absolutely demands that he is the host I recommend refusing to play with him as he is definitely suspicious, unless of course you know the person and he/she is trustworthy.

Well did you have to download anyhting ? Because if the maps weren’t identical you would have needed to download his version of the map which would have been another indicator that something is very fishy.

I thought there’d been some change to 2.0 that made this harder to pull off?


He probably didn’t change the map. That would be a big red flare. He probably found a way around the stats. It appears to me he changed his stats on his PC and hid the fact… How?

One possibility: He found a way to hide a second player who was resourcing for him (ally). Doesn’t sound too likely.

Another possibility: He figured out how to give himself resource injections. Also doesn’t sound too likely.

A third possibility is: If his strike formations were smaller but the stats for the strike formations were the same, he would be able to build faster because he had less ships to build. He would be building the same grouped strike stats but less ships so his build time would be way less. His cost would be way less also. His hit stats would be the same as a full strike formation. If he applied this to frigates he could possibly have 2 frigates in formation which would account for his faster build of frigates. The difference would be the way the game handles strike craft as opposed to capital. I think I nailed it. This sounds like what he was doing.

Just some thoughts…

The question is, how did he manage to make these changes apply in a multiplayer match ?

Yeah, I thought GearBox fixed this?

It used to be you could hack the map and cheat that way (as a host).

In my opinion he did “not” hack the map. As I stated above, he hacked the formations. But he had to host the game so his hacks would not be detected by the security routines…

[edit] An easy way to find out would be to change a formation of fighters so their group stats equals a reduced group stats and play a game that you host and see what happens. A group of 2 will have to have the same stats as a group of 5. Less ships, same group stats = less build time, less cost, and more firepower and armor per ship…

…I could be wrong…

Maybe something about just hacking formation size = possible to do without crashing multiplayer?

He still brought in more RU with a single resource patch, then we did with 6 combined…

Sadly, he might have used a custom map, and I didn’t notice the download…

*if a stranger aggressively challenges two good players in a 1v2 = likely a cheater!

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hey paradox… just for the record ive played with (and straight up slaughtered Igbo) enough to know that he cant cheat… its impossible to hack this game w/o creating a mod thus everyone would have to play the same version… besides I called u out in game asking for a 1v1 which prob would’ve been the easiest game in my life… coming from a well known player in the community :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. I’m still down for a 1v1 against u or ur buddy :wink:

That really doesn’t proof anything to be honest, he might not have cheated when playing against you, doesn’t mean he didn’t cheat against paradox. The fact that, according to paradox, he somehow managed to gather more resources with far fewer resource patches still sounds fishy as hell and can’t be explained through skill.

There is no perfect anti-cheat system in any game, so it is never impossible to pull off and since this game isn’t a dedicated multiplayer game with a huge playerbase I highly doubt that the anti-cheat mechanisms in place are top of the line and even those can be circumvented.

not really, ive seen Igbo play and Ive played over 1000 hours of this game (all being mp) and even if someone cheats, just get good enough to kill them with skill… its just simple… played against someone who hosted a map that at their spawn point had a mil ru debris ready for salvage, still wooped his ass just b/c he was just a noob so… plus, no one really cares enough about homeworld to cheat, especially veterans from classic like Igbo I mean sheesh, whats the point, just get gud <3

That is some damn arrogant attitude and doesn’t really tackle the issue here, whether or not you are able to beat someone who cheated is absolutely irrelevant, as is your skill of the game or how many hours you played it, cheating is wrong and needs to be prevented.

[quote=“lightofhiigara, post:15, topic:1556589”]
plus, no one really cares enough about homeworld to cheat,[/quote]

Aside from the fact that this is the internet where people go to incredible lengths for all sorts of pointless bs, it might not matter to you, but you speak for no one but yourself and as this thread shows there are people who DO mind playing against someone who cheats (and rightly so), so don’t simply discredit them with some stupid “git gud” response, it is disrespectful and no real solution to the problem at hand.


Well, this is all getting a bit personal, isn’t it?

Read the forum rules, please, folks, and fight in the game, not on the forum.

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