Cheats already?

i just played a game with a marquis that was not missing a single shot, none, also, he almost hitted me behind a wall, he was not even seeing me. Guys, is possible people started to use some kind of auto-aim cheat? is there anywa that Devs investigate that? that will destroy the whole game.

Yes, cheat already exist. I made the exact same thread like 5 days ago xD
It’s sad that people actually cheat in a game they paid for…

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If you’re on PC then unfortunately yes, aim-bots are already out in force (especially on Marquis). Check the PC sub-forums for examples.

first, i can’t understand why the $&!? people cheat, really? do you have fun that way doing NOTHING!? second, there should be a way to report that players or remove that F#*! hacks…

Yes… I mean, it’s already ■■■■■■■■ to cheat in a video game, but even more if you paid for the game.
THIS is the only reason I want a report system.

There’s a few reports already in the Multiplayer category, so you could post the details there. See here for an example:

I will, ty

Well, cheats and exploits are a direct result of a game company not giving a â– â– â– â–  about their game anymore. Not talking to their community and generally (or in this case) blatantly ignoring all the issues.

The Division, is completely done. It generated over 330 million bucks, was amazing, glorious… then we found out the critical data is client side, hackers are having an open field day.

It can never be fixed, never be moved server side, hackers and exploiters will forever be in the game every day until its shut down.

You paid 60 bucks for a game you can’t play? Nope, you cheat to get your money’s worth. ■■■■ the police. I’m in charge now.

Failbox has another week to do a complete 180 (they won’t, no one does) and then I’m getting my money’s worth too JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER EXPLOITER AND HACKER THAT IS CURRENTLY IN GAME.

Don’t hate me. Hate the game.

Your move failbox.

So you are saying that the end of a game is winning no matter how?
I think like you that are the companies who must do something about hacking. I just can’t understand why people cheats, what you get from playing? fun… is funny winning with cheats? no, is like a dumb smashing one key …

Cheats are pointless, maybe in a competition people could find a reason to, but, this is for fun, we got jobs and other thinks to worry about, here is just to relax and have fun…
cheats destroy the whole gaming community… GBX should attend to that and the matchmaking if they want BB got any chance to survive…

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I’ve never cheated in a game until recent months when things were out of control and no one was doing or saying anything.

Developers don’t seem to grasp that talking to your community helps them understand

*they care
*they’re working on it
*compensation is a great incentive to keep playing
*Something, anything!

But they don’t. Gearbox went completely dead after release. Dead silent. Proof that this game is a cash grab.

Instead of having an intelligent discussion about these topics, what do they do?

Lock topics
Ignore it
hope no one read it
Ban people from telling the truth.

This new generation of developers and companies is a joke.

im not going to cheat even for that, maybe i loose some money if this game going to dead cause they don’t care, but they gonna loose a lot more than me, if they dont answer, don’t read, don’t care… is bad for us, but worse for them…

Anyway, im gonna keep reporting people that cheat, and maintain som faith on Devs, battleborn could be a great great game if they put some love on it, and I already payed for it :slight_smile:

You really can’t prevent auto-aim with anything server side. The client will always need to control the aiming and know where enemy players are if they’re capable of being attacked by you. The client simply wouldn’t work if it didn’t have this data. So that information sits in memory and can be easily interpreted and manipulated by cheat software. There’s really no way to prevent this from happening on PC; it’s just how PC’s work.

All opinions are welcome…But lets keep in mind we are still talking about real living breathing people.

If you cant say your opinions respectfully, then I ask that you dont say them.

As suggested :

Go and report them on the support.
I just reported an oscar mike headshoting on 100% of his bullets :smiley:

Reported a marquis aimbotter too severall days ago. got an answer within 30 minutes from the support and it wasn’t even a copy&paste message.
Interesting Fact:
The player, i reported, logged in the last time 24h after my report… since then he didn’t play one single minute anymore (seems he has been banned… atleast i hope so).

for who is this message, i think mention that people is cheating we are not loosing respect to noone…

thank you, submited :slight_smile: