Check out my op 8 gear you tell me and I farm for you

[weapon I can farm]
Comference call
Attack veruc
The avenger
The hornet
Nor fleet
Logan’s gun
[shields I can farm]
The bee
The sham
Black hole
Only for Pysico
Add me my psn is Alilami04

Can I maybe get some good avengers and a casual flakier I can trade oher things for them

Sure just add me and I farm for you and I can give you some legendaries shields

I’ll add you next time I’m on is there any gear you need.

Can I have Op 8 avenger plzz and norfleet

And any other op 8 weapon plzzz

I want to fined who the quickest guy is and tell everyone who is the best at donating

I can give you a norfleet for a casual flaker


I got your friend request but my psn and internet are acting up so idk if it got accepted am I on your list if not just resend it.

You are On my list

That’s weird but I’m on now if you have the flakker ready to trade


What level would you want it

Do you have instead the the norfllet like any pearls

Op8 for the flaker and I have a few petals I know you want the avenger I have 2 if you want 1


Can you send me a invite

your not on my friends list give me 10 mins than invite me

Sorry man my op8 avengers seem to have disappeared I can’t find them