Check out this VR demo!

This is really amazing. It would be awesome if there was a Brothers in Arms demo for the VR!

MAAAANY errors in this demo:
Helmets: badly modelled. No company marks whatsohever.
Equipments: Keeping a rifle on the shoulder during a launch, would be the easiest way TO LOSE IT.
Poor light effects.
Poor animations.

It could have been a great demo…

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Didn’t impress me either.

BIA (which is from 2005) is much better and more immersive than this.

It is an obvious Marcomi but you can’t expect a VR demo to be as good as BIA. Remember, all VR games doesn’t have really good graphic and they are still working on it.

This is the only World War II game that you get to experience the paratrooper jump on D-Day that no other games can work out on. Especially Brothers in Arms. In RtH30 when you jumped out or in other cases, fall out, there is no other paratroopers in the sky whatsoever.

Not all games are perfect you know. Of course this demo gonna have some poor animation and stuff.

Ehm…that’s not true.

As you can see, there are plenty more paratroopers in the sky.

Even MohSH managed to make a good landing sequence.

(Just CoD 1 doesn’t have one…-.-’’)

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Okay, I was wrong. [no need to point that out] But you still can’t compare a game to another by its graphic or gameplay. Obviously BiA is better cause it BiA!

Like I said beforehand, All VR games graphic are not that good and they are still working on it.

I like this demo because it let you experience what to be a paratrooper in the sky without looking at your TV or computer screen. The music was amazing though…