Chere-Amie Question

I was choosing the guns to use on my Medic Maya, and I was wondering if the transfusion trails from the chere-amie heal allies as well.

I am not 100% sure, but my best guess would be ‘No’. According to the BL2 wiki page for Transfusion: “Transfusion weaponry drains enemy health, transferring it over to the wielder and nearby allies. The most common type of transfusion weapon is the grenade.” The Cher-amie has a built in healing effect (2%) since it is a Moxxi weapon. However unlike other Moxxi weapons the additional transfusion effect gives 15% of damage done as health based directly upon the damage you do with the gun itself. So, if you have the Cher-amie equipped and throw a grenade you won’t get back 15% of the grenade’s damage as health. You would only get back 2%. In the case of the Cher-amie, this 15% transfusion effect is most likely the same as you would get from a Leech grenade (which gives health directly, minus the health trails) as opposed to a typical standard transfusion type grenade.

If you are concerned about being able to heal allies as Medic Maya, you don’t need to use a Legendary Nurse com. The Legendary Nurse com is simply not very good for doing damage and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are perhaps doing a group Raid or helping someone get thru OP levels at DigiStruct Peak. Even then, I wouldn’t use a Legendary Nurse com. You are better off using a Legendary Siren com or even a Legendary Cat com with an elemental Bone of the Ancients relic.

Just invest a few points in Sweet Release and Elated, and 1 point each in Res and Restoration. You only really need 1 point in Restoration. More than 1 is overkill and could potentially cause issues with health gating. I would recommend getting (via farming for or trading for) a Twister (Shock) shotgun to heal allies. Even at OP8, only 1 shot from the Twister (Shock) shotgun is enough to heal any other player to full health. As far as Sniper Rifles go, the Pimpernel is probably the best Sniper for Maya and you could always use a Pimpernel to shoot and heal allies that are far away and outside shotgun range. FYI my Cat build in my ‘signature’ is the same as my Siren build (which is what I use most often) and my Binder and Nurse build are both outdated and need updating.

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Alright Thanks! Yeah, i was planning on using the Nurse build only for Co-op raids and peak runs anyway, but i like the pimpernel/twister idea!