Chest/chests at the end of Mutator arena

So, I completed the arena first time on lvl 3, and got one chest after that with the quest icon telling me to collect my loot. After that I’ve done it at lvls 4, 5, and 6. No chest after that and the loot collecting part of the quest checks out by itself. Is it supposed to give loot only once on lower lvls and after that only on lvl 9 ? or possibly lvls 7-9 since those are the ones I haven’t done yet.

Not sure, but it seems some of the arena settings have the chest and others don’t.

I can see on some settings the chest appears and on others it disappears.

I just don’t know if it appears after the match if it is not there at the start.

I always chose (all 1 times ) settings with the chest visible.

^This is probably it. Though I used the same modifiers on lvl 5 that I did on level 3 when I got the chest. Though it was not visible at the beginning like it was on lvl 3. Hmm.

Actually having the sameish problem. After lvl 6 arena, chests will only show up when no mutators are active, which wont let you start the arena. Now I can’t get any rewards for the arena anymore. Anyone know of a fix?

Every time you begin the arena, you are given the opportunity to choose your settings. each setting has a chest to it, it changes every round. you can see what chest your getting by looking at it. Red chests are bad, black/grey chests are good and glitch chests are epic. there is always one glitch chest per modifier. This is actually mentioned if you read the explanation on the difficulty modifier, which means that basically I know about it…

when you save and quit with the game thinking that you are doing the mission/failed the mission, you will get no opportunitys to have chests in the first round, so you should just do lvl 1 difficulty. this is really annoying given shadowtraps tendency to be indestructable.

Also, the chest rewards are different for the mutators every round, probably to encourage you to try different ones and add variety.
Also, the grey chests are the lowest tier, then red, then glitch