Chest event... Mayhem 4 lvl 49 gear?

Out of curiosity… Why is 80% 9f the gear in the this chest event lvl 49? I’m playing on m4 tvhm and probably more than 80% of the gear is lvl 49… That makes me sad.

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Yeah its annoying. But that’s been a thing for every borderlands game so far. Not saying that’s an excuse, cause I think it’s a bit silly as well, but I’m just used to it now lol

Because it’s a troll, you’ll be using it think you’re hot ■■■■ but something feels a little off, the damage, the accuracy… Some people take it for granted that all things will be level 50. Whether you notice it straight away or whether you are just too distracted that it is a Legendary you’ve been looking for…
Bam jokes on you - its lvl 49

True story… That jokes been played frequently on me this weekend.

Thats why lvl 49 gear appears - to trip you up. Now we all know why lvl 49 gear is a thing.

Yeah, I’m not really liking it either. Went on a farming spree yesterday in the droughts (3 chest route), looking for some good Stop-Gaps and Rechargers shields. Took me 4 Rechargers with ASE annoint to finally get a lvl 50 one. Had more luck on the stop gaps though, found 2 good ones. Come to think of it, I haven’t really checked the lvl all the nades are I picked up. But I only use them for the ASE part, hardly ever throw any anymore, so no big deal there.

It’s been an annoyance to me since my first level 50 got level 49 drops… however long ago that was.

But as long as I have eyes to see, a brain to process it, and enough coffee to keep all that working properly, I’ll never be caught off guard equipping one.

Weird I’ve been getting nothing but lvl 50 gear, I’ve gotten 2 lvl 49’s in my whole time playing at lvl 50 and that was about 2 months ago.

Thats the point