Chest in Hector Fight

Was doing the Hector fight to unlock Uranus to farm, and after I killed him, but before grabbing the Eridium for Lilith, I noticed this:

Just above my Crosshairs, you can see a Large Bandit Chest (the Car trunk one). However, the gap there is too small to get through. It seems odd to have a chest in a spot where you have no hope of getting it, so I’m wondering if there is a way to get it. I tried Grenade Jumps, but that didn’t work, and that was the only thing I could think of. Anyone have any ideas?

EDIT: forgot to mention: this is in the section that leads from the central plaza to Zed’s. If it weren’t for the vines, you’d be able to walk straight from where I’m standing and facing to Zed’s front door.


On my way!

edit - all my heads (except random spares) have completed that DLC, and I can’t find my way back. :confused:

2nd edit - some witchcraft let me confirm: that chest is openable… just not sure if there’s a game event that would provide conditions where you could approachit normally? Like if you jet over there before the Hector fight really gets going, maybe?

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I didn’t notice it until after I had killed Hector, but before trying to grab the Vault Key. Tried and failed to get in, then went and grabbed the Eridium. Instead of handing it straight over, I went back to see if it unlocked then. No luck. Even handed the Eridium over in case I had a limited window to loot it. Got teleported before I could get back.