Chest in Outlands Spur

There is a chest in the Outlands Spur that I can see, but not get to. To see it, you have to go to the bridge controls that you activate to try to get at the Drakensburg during the story. In the room just before it, there is a glass floor that lets you see a small Dahl Chest. Originally, this post was going to ask how to get it, but I just figured it out. As you head from the control room to activate the Methane pumps, you go down a short ramp, and then there’s a drop. Before dropping, turn around and you’ll see an air barrier below the control room. An easy jump has you inside the room you could see from above.

The main reason I mention this is because I saw the chest when first playing the game, but couldn’t figure out how to get there. I looked online, but no videos tell how to get into that room. This makes it seem likely that people haven’t figured out how to get into it, hence this post. If this is already well known, I apologize.


Ive been wondering how to get there!


On the platform just outside the control room … at the bottom of the stairs, turn to your right and around the stairs. Across a little jump is an open door, to the room with the chest.

You’ll actually get some dialog from Boson saying “Stay away, that’s mine!” or such.

thanks pal always wonder about this one whenever I come to this point

Good find appreciate the info.

Good post. I discovered the room on my first playthrough the area. I missed the jump on the way down the first time but got it later. To this day I still miss the jump sometimes.

Glad I was able to help at least a few people. The sight of that chest, complete with lights indicating that it could be opened, bothered me, but I couldn’t figure out how to get at it. I actually got lucky this time. I was looking down and noticed a green-light door control inside the room, and so I started moving around to see what else there was. I backed away from the control room, and found the glow of an oxygen barrier, which was everything I needed to get at it. My problem was that every time I’d come to the control room, I was too far forward to see the glow of the oxygen barrier.

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