Chest Loot Quality?

So, working through the game as Aurelia.

For the first time ever, doing solo only, completing every single side quest and exploring every nook & cranny of every map.

My issue so far is with chests!

I have been looking up where every chest is in every map, and finding them all, and, at least this time around, have found the contents to be generally disappointing.

So many whites / greens!

If I were to total up the number of blues :

blue is rare, purple is very rare. In bl2 you didn’t see a ton of them in chests until UVHM where the drops were increased.

I’ve got 5 characters, all at level 60, and I’ve not seen a single legendary in any chest that I’ve opened. I’ve gotten 2 or 3 legendaries from lockers, and of course many of them from Vendorious the Invincible, but none from a chest. One of the major differences between this game and BL1/BL2.I sometimes wonder why they put so much effort into locking players out of places like Zarpedon’s loot room if the best you’re going to find is a blue Dahl pistol…

The only way to guarantee good loot is in the moonstones chests (the best addition of the game in my opinion) I have a few characters in different levels and I got nothing cool from the regular chests, remember to ALWAYS check the vendors they are so good in this game

I have had two legendaries, one each in the larger dahl boxes. One was in vorago solitude and one was the box across from the darksiders in triton flats. And I only have two level 50+ characters and two lower level characters.

So it is possible to get legendaries in chests and I have seen and felt that UVHM does have a greater possibilities of blues and purples in non-moonstone chests.


Nearly every single legendary and most good purples I’ve gotten have come from vendors. They are so much better than past games as sources of good gear. This makes it imperative to scrounge and sell as much high-dollar junk as possible, because a single legendary item can cost over a million at the vendor.

Here’s an off-the-top short list of what I’ve bought:

Consummate Hellfire
Various Celestial COMs
3DD1.3 Oz kit
Other more funky orange Oz kits (like a Voltaic Oxidizer and a corrosive Ack Ack)
Purple Maliwan & Hyperion blasters (all flavors)
Prismatic Bulwark

And so on. Chests are generally awful by comparison. Moonstone chests can be good, but not always, and it takes a while for the more immediate uses for moonstones to go away.

i only found one legendary in the hyperion chests when farming X-STLK-23-2. was shocked until i realized i dont like the gun so i forgot which one it was…

This, as for moonstone chests, the only reason I open them is for the achievement and as soon as I get that I will not waste another moonstone on them, have yet to get any thing above a green out of them

I’ve gotten a few Luneshine purples out of them, but nothing I use. (30% ignore shields might be useful, but it’s a fricking Dahl pistol–single shot or burst fire, which I hate.) You’re much better off farming vendors, unless you really want that Luneshine. (Then moonstone chests and grinds are the way to go.)

The regular chests are very lack luster in this game. Its very very rare to get a purple and a legendary is super lucky. But the reason they arent that good . Is because of the moonstone chests. Youre guaranteed blues or purples with the chance to get moonshine on the weapons. So just farm them. And if u want a chance a legendaries. just farm a boss that has a drop, use the grinder, or farm chests and venders.

Gearbox will now definitely troll us with a giant vending machine raid boss at some point.

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I have NEVER seen green or lower in a moonstone chest. Are you sure they were moonstone chests? Often they are close to regular chests, and don’t really look much different.

I like to farm Sentinel or Iwajira for purples and then grinding those.

Well, if you’re going to take that extra time in every single area, odds are you’re finding more moonstones. Use the grinder and turn those greens and blues into blues and purple. Or go back to areas with moonstone chests for garunteed blues and purples. Or just use golden keys.

If you want to know how to do a specific challenge or want to know where vault symbols are located, just message me on PSN, I know where they all are. XD
I could also help out if you have trouble with timed missions.

Better not be in the upcoming campaign DLC! Touch wood. :smile:

You mean, knock on wood? Or torchwood?

The next DLC is set in the mind of Claptrap so ANYTHING can be posible! And honestly I would give it a try!

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yea i forgot to mention iwajira. Hes awesome for blues and pruples as well. Just like the sentinel

Yeah - Iwa is the one boss(ish) I farm regularly. Easy to get to, easy to take down, and lots of purples and moonstones.