Chest opening delay

I’m going to be really nit-picky here, but it’s something that nags at me all the time.
Ammo (and other) chests take a noticeably longer time to open that in the previous 3 installments.
In BL2, I can run up to a chest, toggle it, and it opens and dispenses ammo to me almost without my pausing running at all.
In BL3 I toggle open, then pause for a bit while the chest opens, then the ammo is retrieved. It’s not a huge delay, but it it noticeable and interrupts run-and-gun.
Maliwan chests are, of course, the worst since you’re either waiting for the ammo to digistruct in or the dumb little ball to drop down the chute.
Very minor quality of life issue, but it is noticeable and influences how I run a room.


Even in BL2, I used the UCP to speed that up… those Eridian ammo chests in BL3 are glacial. I wouldn’t say no to this.

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I think this is a game design thing that is there for a reason and therefore will not be changed, but I guess it isn’t impossible that they could change it.