Chest wont reset on savequit

is it a glitch for me or what happend?

There is a cooldown on opening the same chests.

since when? and how do other players/streamers farm it?
never had it before

How else? Read only ofc., if they still bother to from chests at all that is.

I’ve had the same thing since dlc6 dropped. Before then all my chests would reset on every save/quit. Now they are all on timers on all my characters.


The “chest cooldown” appears to be a glitch, either insomuch as some characters never seem to have the cooldown, or insomuch as some characters do seem to have chest cooldown. I am not sure which is the “glitch” - but one of them is.

I have the glitch on my Moze and Fl4k where chests have no cooldown after a save/quit, whereas my Zane and Amara both have the approximate 10 minute chest cooldown thing.

No idea what causes this.

I don’t remember every patch notes but if they did announce that the chests are going to have a CD it’s the former, if they didn’t it’s the later.

gonna need to read the patchnotes :smiley:

Which one of the many different chests are you referring to?

  1. Red Chest
  2. White Chest
  3. Eridium Chest
  4. Loot Portal (DLC2 only)
  5. Hyperion Chest (I think these are only found in DLC1?)

2 and 3 and 5 will reset on save-quit, but 1 and 4 are on timers, meaning save-quitting won’t reset them.

It has been like this as long as I have been playing, which was when BL3 launched on Steam in March 2020. Maybe it was different when BL3 launched on Epic in September 2019?

    1. and 3
      the other one i didnt try

yeah the thing is though the white chests wont reset for me either
or these chests after cpt traunt arent normal whitechests/eridium chests
i know there is like one red chest if you beat traunt but that wont reset either

i have it since release on epic and i could farm the chests until the 4th dlc of season pass 1
normal savequit would reset them

im just surprised

OK, it sounds like a bug then.

That being said, why are you farming these? They’re full of junk! :laughing:

on mh10 they sometimes drop good legendaries
i am looking for a lyuda mh10 with fire :slight_smile:

Certain chests (ie, red chests, the large Jakobs and Eridian chests, and others of that tier) are supposed to have a cooldown timer where you have to spend a certain amount of time in-game with that character for that chest to reset (something like 20-30 minutes IIRC). Sometimes, a character’s save file would be glitched and the cooldown didn’t exist for that character. My Moze was like this and she could farm all the red chests endlessly. :smiley: But the latest patch appears to have fixed this.

It was a fun bug to have while it lasted though. :slight_smile:

The cheat CD was added some time around DLC2 I believe. This doesn’t effect old characters on there original playthroughs but if you reset TVHM the CD will be applied. My day one Amara can farm chests all day long on normal mode.

Any character made after the fix will have the CD. The CD seems to bug some times for newer characters and there will be some chests that will refill randomly without even leaving the session. The reason this CD is applied is because of the Echo Cast Twitch extension. There we’re some streamers drawing attention away from people actually playing the game by doing “red chest farm lobbies”.

I am unsure if doing so is against TOS or classified as an exploit like duplicating loot but save quitting to chest farm while broadcasting on Twitch is ill advised.

If you want to red chest farm there is an app called BL3 Map you can download on your phone or PC to show you were all the red chests are on every map. You can then draw up a daily farm route. Apart from that if you own season pass 2 Arms race is more or less one of the best places to get alot of loot fairly consistently.

I had always heard of the timers on the chests but with all 10 of my characters, before the last patch I had no timer on any chest but since the last dlc dropped all my characters now have the chests stay open

They never were meant to reset on savequit. It was a common bug that affected a lot of (but not all) players.
They’ve fixed it recently.

I for one always had the cooldown from day 1 (and I’ve been playing since launch) so it wasn’t a difference for me personally anyways.

For me, this was one of the reasons that farming Killavolt was so profitable - you get the chance to get good loot from killing him, but then you also get a red and white chest. Since the world drop rates have been reduced and the chest cooldown has been implemented, it’s not as rewarding because you don’t get the red chest repeatedly on each save/quit.

I tend to agree that the red and other “special” chests likely were supposed to have some sort of cooldown timer. The fact that they continuously respawned on save/quit appears not to have been intended bu the devs I think.

then my day one amara should still work …

I don’t think that’s correct. I created a bunch of characters within a week of the game’s launch and my Moze stood out as having no cooldown, and my others did.

It did take me a little while to realize that because at first I was just assuming that chests behaved like they do in BL2, and I thought my non-Moze characters were bugged, or the chests I happened to try to save/quit farm—like the underground Marcus chest at the beginning of the game; I tried to farm that one a lot in those newbie days—were supposed to be single-use special red chests that would open only once (until I noticed that it would always reset for Moze). But it turns out the cooldown was the intended behavior right from the start.

There was another character-specific savefile bug where there was a chance that DLC maps wouldn’t scale to your character’s level as you leveled up in non-mayhem TVHM. My FL4K was hit with that one. It kinda looks like they dug in and fixed the chest cooldown bug alongside that one, but didn’t mention it in the patch notes.

Chest cooldowns can still be a bit buggy. I’ll be farming a boss with a red (rare) chest nearby. Sometimes the chest will be refilled on second and subsequent reloads, sometimes not. If it doesn’t refill, it will stay empty for 20 or so minutes.