Chests at the end of Hyperion preserve

A couple of times through here, I have picked up those chests, while doing the run for the story, and have gotten legendary class mods. I am doing the preserve farm anyway for the loot midgets and my question on those two chests is this. Do they have a higher chance to drop better gear when you are opening them during story mode or do they have an equal chance to drop the badass gear they have have dropped for me in the story when I go on to kill Son of Mothrack? Seems to me they drop fantastic gear when I go through during the story but not so much when I’m farming, or has that just been my luck. Does it behoove me to continue on or will I have a better chance of a chubby spawning during my run?

If you mean the red ones in the room immediately after the Bloodwing/Mothraak arena, I don’t think it matters at all. (In fact, I’d suggest that was true of all the red chests except any that specifically contain an item required for a certain mission or given specifically as a mission reward, and I can’t think of any examples of those either!) Certainly, you seem to have had better luck than I’ve had in either story mission or farming mode. My take on these things is that it’s always worth opening weapon chests, because you never know what you’ll find: the more you open, the better your odds of a legendary or LLM jumping out; on the other hand, if you don’t open anything…

Yeah, those are the ones. I’ve gotten like, three legendary class mods from those running through the story (first play through low level versions though, that’s why I asked).

It’s probably imagination, but I’d swear that zone has some Legendary class mod juju cooking. I once popped the first red chest and found two Legendary Siren class mods in it.

The chest after Knuckledragger where you get the white Jakobs shotty comes to mind. I believe it’s a red Hyp chest? Could be wrong/misinterpreting what you’re saying though.

The only Leg. COM I have that didn’t come from Tubby farming came from the car trunk chest in the area after Savage Lee. I added that into my farming run during the increased drop rates because why not? I got a Leg Hunter COM that I still use with my Zer0 to this day. I also picked up an Avenger (which I ended up ditching, didn’t care for it) and the Vladof pearl pistol, which I also stupidly sold - would love to have that back, now.

I wish I had your luck with that area though, never seen much beyond a purple there. I always feel like I’m specifically underwhelmed by those chests. RNG is a cruel mistress, I guess.

You’re right - I’d forgotten about that one. You can only open it when doing the story mission; the rest of the time it is inactive. I think it’s just yellow though, rather than yellow/red? There are a couple of similar lockers in TPS, but that’s about it.

It’s the same in The Arena, a nice Hyperion chest that has a white Torgue shotty every time. :confused: (well except for the fact you can open it several times)