Chests in M10 are BROKEN!

  1. Summary
    All of the weapons I have received out of chests show M4 damage stats. My friends are having the same issue.

  2. Frequency
    Every time

  3. Platform

  4. Game State
    map - everywhere
    mission - all
    character - Zane
    player level - 57
    True Vault Hunter- yes
    single-player vs. multiplayer - both
    offline vs. online - online

Yes, that’s true. I’ve also discovered this issue.

Been widely reported and has been the case since Mayhem 2.0 dropped.
Gold key chest
Do not provide levelled gear

To be more clear, this doesn’t sound like a bug but a design choice.

I don’t even bother opening chests any more.

Sorry, did a quick search before posting and I didn’t really see anything. Do you mind sharing some of the previous reports?


Why would GB choose to render chests pointless to open?

It may be a bug but if chests and vending machines were levelled it would be possible to just farm them for gear so possibly intentional at least for now on Gearbox’s part.

Players reported in multiple threads since mayhem 2.0 launched and I don’t have links to them sorry.

No worries, was just hoping to add my vote to fix.

Dang let’s hope that it wasn’t intentional, as that would be crooked AF. :neutral_face:

Found this on the subject, hopefully it will be fixed in the next patch.