Chests on a timer?

Are the chests on a timer for when they refill with loot? Previously if you quit the game, the chests would all reset for the next time you entered the game. Now it seems like they’re on a timer (say 8 hours of Pandora time or whatever). If you loot a chest, quit the game, re-open the game, the chest will still be empty, but it will eventually fill back up. Maybe it’s after two game restarts? Maybe it’s after leaving and returning to a map?

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Certain chests are on a timer. Like chests in vaults and big red. I think the time translates to about 45 min real world.

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Oh, weird, thanks!


While I am fine with the timers, I do think it would be helpful if a visual timer popped up over the chest once opened and remained until the chest could be opened again. Of course I also feel that the red cross (that appeared over allies in FFYL in previous games) should be brought back and suggested it in another thread, but got yelled at by trolls for wanting them to add unwanted/unneeded visual clutter. So maybe I am wrong.