Chests or other areas with "consistent" contents?

So, there’s an echo recording in Triton Flats that talks about O2 kits and nearby, two crates that always have 3 OZ kits each.

I’m wondering if anyone has spotted other areas in the game that always have a consistent type of loot. For example, have you seen a chest that always spits out shields.

Or pistols. I think that early in the game the first map always has pistols in order to simplify loot for new players. I don’t know if this applies to UVHM.

Consistent and farmable loot types would provide a convenient way to get grind fodder for certain types of target loot. For example, if your goal is to grind for a good oz kit. A) get a bunch of moonstones and B) start collecting and grinding the oz kits from Triton Flats. C) wouldn’t hurt to save and quit and reload a bunch along the way to reset the OZ kits and inevitable lootsplosions

Has anyone else found the funny echo log in the building in Triton’s Flat where you meet Deirdre that explains why they are called Oz kits and not O2 kits?

Another source of consistent loot:

White rarity lasers from Tychos Ribs that Dahl soldiers tend to drop when they level up.

Felicity’s loader things drop a lot of white shotguns

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