Childhood's End Bug--can't finish; died in turret room now locked out

Okay, was doing Childhood’s End. Finally made it to the Turret Room. Like an idiot, got killed by the turret BUT also killed turret before I died. Got respawned the next day in the other end of the zone. Made it back to the quest area; all doors and prior steps still open etc. EXCEPT for the door to the turret room. Shooting targets did nothing; generator button locked. HOW can I get back into the room to get the satellite? Looks like a bug to me; if every other door/step stayed open, that one should also. Would a ticket be able to get me the quest reset maybe? Thanks.

For better or worse, your progress is entirely local to your own console. There’s no-one who can remotely reset any part of your game. If quitting and restarting the game doesn’t reset it properly, your best bet is to hitch a ride with someone doing the same quest in the same mode (normal or true).

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Le sigh. Was hoping that wasn’t the case. I put in a ticket anyway…thanks.

Okay, a few days with no Net access. PS4 off (not rest mode) let me get the door open again. Had to shoot targets and door only opened halfway but I did a run and got in. I had also tried doing a group instance before that, and then opened up my own session to be public. Maybe that bumped something? Anyway, hope this helps anyone else having the issue.