Children of the firehawk

So in the end credits there is an image of some cultists standing in front of an old COV banner, with a smaller banner that reads ‘firehawk’ covering where the word ‘vault’ would have been…

Is this just a throw back to the BL2 quest of the same name, or should we expect to see something come from this in the dlc? I for one have been wondering what would happen to the bandit clans after the main story wrapped up…


YESSS!! Lets burn the midget again!


It also says “only today” or something like that.

I think it was supposed to symbolise that all the bandits worship Lilith now like they did Tyreen - that her sacrifice made her a hero and everyone hailed her as some saviour.

That’s what I’ve been told. I think it’s bs because she’s been pretty MIA most game until the end but hey ho.

LOL, I did this just recently. I never took Axton through BL2 so I’m running through BL2 again. Matchstick was his name. :grin:

Edit: Fixed spelling.

The perfect example of a quest that I hated in BL2. Run here, now here, now over there, now back. I’m glad I got to burn that little guy, vent some frustration.

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If my post gets removed and not this dudes offensive ass then I will definitely leave this community, for obvious reasons

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the more I read your ridiculous offensive posts the more I get angry. Seriously if this is what the community has come to then Jesus. Thank god I stopped playing more than a week ago. Everything about this game is just getting worse and worse.

That is literally what they are called in borderlands 2,… Gearbox played the label and brought them back, and you are mad at me?

That post was referring to the previous installment of the game btw.

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