Children of the Vault (aka Bandit/Scav) weapons added to

Glad they’re back and looking better than ever!


I like how colorful they are.
Supposedly Bandit and S&S munitions should be coming back as well if you believe everything being claimed gathered from sources. Though this indicates they may be added later.


checks them out
satisfied nod
They look pretty coo’

paints room yellow
gathers old car batteries, broken lightbulbs, and stick matches into a pile
bows down before gigantic S&S logo scratched into the wall
“Soon, my love. Soon.”


I think these are intended to replace Bandit on the list but yeah, they’re much more vibrant and unique looking. I’ve got to admit as much as I loved the old Bandit guns they kinda just looked like a bunch of random crap stuck together… and I don’t mean thematically, I mean the 3D models were just all over the place. They looked pretty awful and not in a good way. These still have the homemade feel and the general abstract look of a Bandit gun without looking like a bunch of polygons vomited out of a fire hose.

I’d love to see S&S back too, new manufactures would be an awesome way to expand the game post-launch, really mix up the loot-pools for end-game players.

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they really know how to make it look like theyre made by bandits using scrap metal and car motors!

New images for the other gun manufacturers too. :smiley:

Edit: link for those who want/need it, scroll down to ‘Brand Loyalty’:

I love you.

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