Chimera/ bloody unforgiven pistols for trade

i have a extra
level 66 Dl10 bloody chimera 1196 dmg,96.4 acc, 1.1fr, +149%dmg,+3.7zoom,-4 mag ize
level 66 RV1 pearl chimera 515,91.7,1.3 -4% recoil reduction,+8%dmg, +6%fr
level 67 DL330 bloody chimera 720,89.3,1.1 +47% dmg,+3.7 zoom,-3 mag size
level 66 RV200 XX bloody unforgiven 1397,94.2,0.7, +200% melee dmg,+ 191%dmg, +200%crit dmg
level 67 AK31 ZZ bloody unforgiven 1013,97.0,1.0 +107%dmg, +200% crit dmg, +2.5 zoom
level 67 DL10 bloody unforgiven 1512,96.4,0.6 +200%melee dmg,+209% dmg, +200% crit hit dmg
level 68 RV320 XX bloody unforgiven 838,94.2,0.7, +69% dmg,+200% crit dmg

these are probably not even rare but are the legendarys I have encountered the least apart from the few I haven’t found a copy of yet

to complete my collection I need these:
legendarys: reaper,vengeance
pearls: rose,aries,omega,jackal,nemesis,bessie,undertaker
eridian guns: fireball, splat,rolling splatter, mega cannon,firebomb,stampeding splatter
also looking for gunfighter, and sharpshooter coms

gt is PeterL2014, let me know if u wanna trade. also legit stuff only plz

I’m surprised no one wants these pistols I have been told they are pretty rare.

well I have come to the conclusion that completeing my collection of legendarys,pearls and eridian guns is gonna take forever. also I thought chimera and bloody unfogiven were rare but I guess not cause I have found 4 of each so far

I’d give you my Vengeance but I’m on the PS3…

If you wanna see every gun in the game it can be a long haul for sure… And as far as those pistols go most people that trade will probably want AX titles with good parts… And if you can post stats or pics it might help pique interest. All about the quality of the gun for most so if say you posted a really nice two shot unforgiven masher that is a little more rare you would probably get a few takers.

ok il update the post with stats . also I don’t have a unforgiven masher yet .

If I ever get internet I could hook you up with some if the items your looking for cause I’ve got a pretty vast collection that I really don’t use…and I’ve seen lots of Reapers from craw but it takes time… Have found two in three kills before and then not one for a long stretch of gametime…

thanks dude , ill keep trying I’m sure ill get the stuff to complete my collection sooner or later

After all the hours the only thing I’ve missed out on is an Ajax Ogre… For the life of me I just couldn’t get one to drop. Lol

I have the ajax ogre its by far my favorite assault/combat rifle in the game

I killed him so many times I just got worn down of the whole process… Still give him a face full of my invader Nemesis on the way to the armory but I don’t actually farm him over and over.