Chirping noise after respend BAR-Tokens

Last week, after my BAR was transfered from XBox360 to XBox1, I had about 600 tokens to spend. I did this on one of my op8 chars, that i transfered from XBox360. Now I have a chirping noise all the time I play with that char and BAR is on. If I switch BAR off, the noise is gone. I can play with all my other chars with BAR on and there is no noise. I deleted the char with the noise and transfered it from XBox360 again, but the noise is still there as long as BAR is enabled. The broken char is my mechromancer, that I like most. I want to play it again with BAR on and without that stupid noise all the time. Has anyone the same problem or (much better) a solution?

It’s the well-known and much maligned shield recharge bug. It occurs with e.g. amp shields (one which have an effect when the shield is full), and for certain very specific combinations of shield capacity and recharge rate. Essentially, your shield is perpetually over-charging very slightly, and then beeping to let you know it’s fully charged. It triggers when the calculations related to shield boosts from skill points and BAR intersect in some weird way. You can either:

  1. Temporarily turn off BAR
  2. Farm enough BAR to get another token and put it in a shield stat
  3. Respec and put one less skill point in anything that boosts shield stats
  4. Equip a different type of shield until you get another BAR or skill point

I removed one point from Myelin and the noise is gone :smile:

Thank you very much, I can enjoy the Mechromancer again.

Just remember that, once you’re shield stats are a bit higher, you can put that point back if you want to.