Choctaw Festival of Gaming UPDATE 3/4

PxG_toxictvgaming here.

We are planning on going live at 12pm. Please tune in!

PandaxGaming is the main stream. It will be hosted by Gearbox and myself at

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Cool, thanks for posting this.

I keep reading these things after I’ve already been in the stream for a while.

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Seeing @NatsumeRyu playing in full Caldarius cosplay is amazing.


“Full” she took off the helmet </3

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You know what you’re right 0/10 what a scrub. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Congrats DunkSquad! We on the PC had complete confidence in this outcome !

hey guys, his head was still on and attatched, just next to mine, lol we were siamese or what have you, lol

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Natsume i dont think you’d fit in a shoebox, but that mecha panda halfling probably would!

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also dwaf, you proud of hoho that last match? im disappointed shayne outdamaged him personally. and you cant beat botice, sooooo that was really all that was keeping him from top damage in spirit.

that was hoho on boldur? We all thought it was cade! Yeah i clipped some of his nicer plays. I cant believe they didnt ban boldur

cade was ku, lol

'some of his nicer plays’
how did you pick between all the good stuff at the end?

hoho better than cade at boldur then
Just picked the caldy snag :smiley:

ugh, that was sooooo good!

any way i can get a link to the tounrey play yesterday? /videos/126366739

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Big congrats to all lucky enough to be involved!


I was always KU on incursion. My 1 trick incursion console pony :slight_smile:

How many teams were in the tournament?

five! Lost Heroes (ps4) Dunk Squad (PC) Skulk Squad (mostly PS4) NocTurnal (xbox?) and i cant remember the last one sorry ._.