Choctaw Qualifier

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I try not to ping, but this is time sensitive.

Choctaw qualifier; I left a message on the fb event (so the organizer’s), lowline’s tweet, and a small, unnoticable post in the Battleplan.

I work on the 11th.

Can I no longer go to the tournament?

(the rest of the post is irrelevent, that’s my question, right up top.)
I have people that I should be paying back for buying ps4 copies of the game/PS+ if we can’t participate (eg, they either didnt have the game on ps4, or havent played forever and don’t plan on playing casually again - theyre just playing with me for the tournament).
Furthermore, none of the PC/XB1 players who wanted to participate can with a ps4 online qualifier. It baffles, considering how many people were interested in going even after we found out it wouldn’t be kb/m or XB1 controller friendly.
I’m disappointed in whoever and whichever parties were involved so that the qualifier wasn’t announced until yesterdays battleplan. (It was MENTIONED that there’d be one when we first found out about the tournament months ago, but not since then, which, again, considering the responses both on here and on the organizers FB event, made it sound like it’d be open for people on all platforms to play, just with a controller.
I had MONTHS to get the time off for the tournament, and find out about the date for the qualifier yesterday morning.

My concerns about the limited gear choices pale in comparison to being DQ’d due to conflicting schedule choices not being revealed until barely a week prior to date.

If this information has been available all along, I apologize, but I have been hounding the organizers website, fb event, and the forums for information to ensure i had all my ducks in a row. I’d be sad to find out there was a post that was not through the organizers (at this time, the qualifier is still not mentioned on their website, and the representative on Facebook did not know about it, and has not gotten back to me) that all this time could’ve saved heartache.

Thank you.


I’m pretty sure you can still sign up and go to the Choctaw Tournament. The big draw of the qualifier is having them pay for your trip and hotel stay if you win. Not excluding you from the bigger tournament if you lose/can’t participate.

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I’ve heard that, but I can’t find that anywhere.

It’s not on the qualifier page…

This is correct. You can still go!

The qualifier is an event to see who gets sponsoredships, and I believe (I’m trying to confirm on the side) that it also affects the initial seeding for the tournament.

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Hello, I am an official representative of Versus Gameplay!

You can still go to the Tournament even if you do not participate in the Online Qualifier!

The point of the Online Qualifier is to determine the 2 teams that will be flown out to the event as well as to help determine seeding during the event.

If you sign up the day of the event or have not participated in the Online Qualifier then your team will receive a random seeding for the Main Tournament.

I hope to see you at Choctaw in March! If you have any more questions feel free to tweet at me @VGP_Shadow or Ping me on here.


Thank you all very much. I will try to let others know.

Wow, so there was going an online qualifier with a chance to be taken yo the event…

To bad PC didn’t remain an option or my team would have participated. Good luck if you manage to go NatsumeRyu!

Thanks, now that i know next saturday isnt necessary im back to 100% going to go, lol. still trying to get my team on the ball though, its like herding cats! haha!

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Is this just for players in the US? Would a player from Australia get flights covered?

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I’ll be playing in the qualifiers with no gear. Since I work and don’t have enough time to farm the appropriate gear and most likely will be missing a lot of mutations but no worries! I will have luck on my side :slight_smile:

@NatsumeRyu my lv 2ness will like to borrow some gear please

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i was wishing i could give my cr 6 teammate gear earlier lol