Choctaw Tournament - Looking for a team?

Now that we have a platform to go with the timeframe, it’s time to get your teams together!

I’m going regardless of if I end up entering as a free agent or having a team, but I recognize that I could get free agent’ed into a team that doesnt mesh well/ have a good human team comp, so I too am looking for a team! Post here if you’re looking for a team for the tournament!

PSN: NatsumeRyu (black eagle military looking icon),
plays ambra as support, deande as burst dmg + cc setup, caldy as harass and economy, whiskey as in-lane wave clear + harass, isic as tanky dps (needs support), kelvin as wave clear + cc setup, varied kleese (depends on match :)), skill damage marquis (wave clear and finisher), tanky wave clear and harrass shayne, boldur…as himself, lol. and orendi as herself :stuck_out_tongue:
those are all the ones im comfortable with atm. basically no melee for me since my connection doesnt really allow it.
and i run gear loadouts with and without legendaries. play to both pve/ops and pvp.

Go! :smiley:

edit: i have 3 old friends willing to join me! My fourth is currently iffy. Will try to find out soon if I need one more. <3

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I’ve missed something. What is this tournament?

added link to op, for clarity :smiley:

I see. I live in Australia lol so never gonna happen. If it was online then yeah. Still down to play with you though with comms etc.

ill be likely streaming sunday morning, which will be sunday evening for you aussies. :slight_smile: id love to go for some diamonds!

Hopefully some folks need a team or im out of luck, lol

If anyone is interested in scrimmages for the tournament and are like myself and don’t have a PS4 let me know! I have it on xbox one and i will be getting on PC to play with my buddies (we are trying to get one more for a team for the tourney)