Choctaw Tourney Poster

Just realized I guess this counts for here. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you were there you probably got one of these! I figured folks would like something to remember the event by <3

While this is one of my spares, I have one signed by a buncha folks; iā€™m gonna need to hang it on a wall somewhere! lol

Modified the image thursday night/friday morning at like 2am. right after i had finished painting up the gogo juice labels you saw in the battlepla- hey i have pictures of those too!

ill edit this post with those gogo juice pictures in a bit, they arent on my phone anymore :stuck_out_tongue:


Are there any notes?
I was curious to read inside reports, how it went for the players, was it just PC, etc.

The tournament was played on PS4 consoles with PS4 controllers, but featured teams from all three platforms.


A cosplayer and a model too? Nice