Choose a Design Direction and Stick With It

At the current state of the game, it’s not particularly satisfying for hardcore or casual players.

The vanilla experience is best part of the game, and even that is marred by technical issues.

Actively balancing the game might appease hardcore players who care about item/character balance in relation to each other, but annoys casual playerbase that wants to be free to enjoy the game however they choose to (glitches/exploits/mods included).

Not emphasizing technical issues and instead balancing items, but not the enemies is frustrating. Anointeds, as demonstrated by the search feature or front page, have been an issue to both casual and hardcore players since launch. Going further to put new items behind difficulty levels AND deliberately/accidentally lowering drop rates annoys hardcore players and reduces their motivation to play.

So now you have a looter shooter in which it is both difficult to loot and difficult to shoot. It doesn’t really seem like they are catering towards either player base at the moment. Perhaps the next patch will flip all of this on its head, but the lack of community involvement/response/acknowledgement from Gearbox feels odd to say the least.

Having a stream like “The Borderlands Show” and then not actively involving the community or responding to community feedback feels like wasted potential. Even the Calypsos humored their fanbase. Trying to be an “online service” without regular patches or community managers feels like a watered down MMO.

Not giving players the freedom or ability to mod the game like Syrim did where they can resolve their own patches and create their own experiences feels like curated fun.

I hope you decide to either be the “fun” developers that create a beautiful foundation for players to build upon, or the “serious” developers that stay on top of their creation and make sure it’s in a deployable state for their playerbase.

Either give players more control or do better.


I’d be happy if GB would just fix the bugs instead of nerfing the fun (the backpack bug is annoying as hell.)

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I play Fl4k and I recently got enough gear to be able to murder a decent amount of bosses on M4 (thanks Lyuda). I feel like I am just stuck on boss farming since dedicated drops are so abysmal and circles of slaughter just dont feel rewarding enough for the time spent.

My hope is for a game that allows flexibility in end game - I can be rewarded for bossing, circling, trials, dedicated drops, and raids. Right now, I feel like Graveward on M4 is the most efficient and easiest way to gear up. I wish that the other options were also viable as it would really help with replayability.

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I feel like it launched incomplete.

They never really address any of the foundational issues with the game with each patch which makes me concerned they don’t actually know/remember why Borderlands series is “fun.”

Even once you learn how to efficiently farm M4, it isn’t fun because you are probably pigeonholed into a certain strategy and the drop rates don’t justify the difficulty.

The fact that they explicitly stated that they don’t want to do that and used it as justification to nerf broken things (which I supported), they did exactly that with Mayhem 4.

Even worse is that they introduced glitches into the game that have become clearly the BiS options, which directly contradicts their supposed design philosophy.