Choose one of the dudes in a standoff in To Arms!

Thirty collected guns leads another objective where a three-way stand-off between rival PLA members Tim Pot, Tom Pot, and Tum Pot. All three are scaled roughly in level, and Tim Pot will have a slightly higher level than the other two. All three carry submachine guns. When one PLA member is chose, he must be aided in the fight against the other two.

I’m surprised that picking Tim, Tom or Tum doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Apparently Tim is the best choice because he’ll be a higher level? In BL2 these standoffs always had a more dramatic difference.

Anyone try all 3 over time and notice anything more distinct?

I have not noticed any difference between the three, and I did do several of those missions more or less back-to-back :scream:

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Nope. There’s no discernible difference in who you pick.

Moved to a more spoilery section.


That explains the sudden queasy feeling - never did enjoy phase shifts very much!

BTW, did anyone figure out what the three brothers accents are supposed to be (along with the rocket music guy)? They sound vaguely indo-pakistani to me, but then they seem to veer more towards the welsh…

I never did learn how to land these things.

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I definitely think he’s an indo-pakistani voice. I rarely get to pay attention to the T*m Pots much.

Spelling it that way, T*m Pots makes me laugh. And it would be hilarious if they became a raid boss.

T*m Pots the Invincibles

And their individual names would be hilarious too:
Tim, the most unhinged
Tom, the mostly unhinged


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“I am a Pots triplet, but you may call me… Tim!”

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