Choose ur legendary for bl4

so i think we started bl3 with waaaaay to many legendaries for its own good ( over 100), plus added waaaaaay to many on top of that, ( mostly crap ones, or just alternative versions that do nothing rly different exept being straight stronger)

so which legendaries do you think EARN their legendary status and should return to a very small pool of legendaries for bl4

say 25 world drop legendaries for the whole of bl4 and 10ish dedicated drops, no double stuff like brainstormer and redux,
you can choose more then 1,
edit: i wanna say that the vanilla game released with 208 legendaries, and i want to rly just say
imagine most of the trash reduced down to 50 legendaries, just how much this would help

Unkempt Harold and The Flakker.


A Maliwan Hellfire akin to the one we had in BL2. Not the travesty that currently exists in 3.


I’d also like to see The Twister and The Pimpernell return. Oh, and maybe the Doomwalker.


i feel this
as i loved the hellfire from bl1-2 but as much as i want to love it
it just doesnt do it for me
i lowkey wish they would revamp the idea and make the hellfire spread fire damage and deal insane amounts of elemental dot instead of the splash.

as for guns i personally want but perhaps balanced anew

the carrier, the hellwalker, hellfire, roisens thorn, conference call( pls god just buff this gun…), unkempt herold, the OLD version of the sand hawk, rhyna, ion canon, backburner, redline
bl1 tsunami. redestributor, and brainstormer with 2 elements ( combine redux and brainstormer)
for older games
give me the norfleet, twister, and some other fun ones


Bee Shield with Lady Finger


I love how BL1 had so few legendary weapons overall so if BL4 started out with a limited number that would be great to me. For guns I’d like to see brought back they’d be the: Orion sniper, Defiler and Chimera revolvers all from bl1, then the bl1 style Hellfire and Ogre, not the terrible things the Ogre and Hellfire turned into. The Thunderfire and Lazerdisker from TPS would be great too, since lasers no longer exist and probably wont come back they could be an smg for the Thunderfire and shotgun for the Lazerdisker


kaoson good
it stay

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Lady Finger or Lady Fist? Finger was from bl1 and was pretty lame as the crit wasnt that high, Fist was from bl2 with the 800% crit


y amongs the almost 400 legendaries in bl3 there are some rly cool ones in the coean
kaoson is nice

it popopopopopopopop a lot

The only REAL Hellfire was the original…

The three best weapons in the whole BL universe all came from the original.

Hellfire, Volcano and Defiler.

Honorable mentions to the Cobra and the glorious, glorious glooooooorious Havoc.

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i loved some of the bl1 legendaries alot more indeed
pestilent crux was my favorite honestly, hellfire was second, bl1 tsunami i loved

You’re quite right , Lady Fist

BL3 has lots of guns but a lot of them are pretty useless

Orion, but it has to be made by S&S Munitions!

y honestly just bring S&S back
i think COV is just kinda meh, at worst the way how thier heat works kinda ■■■■■ with a few ammo effects, at best its an optical gimmick.
high magazine sizes are boring, and giving high magazines with different ammo types to S&S would just be cooler, speak spinning bullets, straight shots, armor piercing, bullets that can riccochet from walls and gain effects. its honestly a whole array of fun things.

on the flipside i think COV could become a mix manufacturer where 3 manufacturers basically have their parts torn apart and put together as one gun
like a vlado jakobs dhal mix, with very weard and broken effects where the gun can break down, however that gives you also a few fun mixups, like offbrand stuff we have in the real world
speak a cheaper cruder shotgun for a manufacturer who doesnt make shotguns

like when spiderman becomes chinas spoodermoon or goofy. its just some junk weapon you buy for like 3 bucks in taiwan

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Unkempt Harold, Hellwalker, OPQ.

I’d really love to see a legendary version of the Protuberance and maybe Carbuncle.


i also think the echo is really cool
epic design, interesting mechanic
just too weak unfortunately^^


If we could have BL4 with the effect of BL3 having just been a bad dream ala the American TV show ‘Dallas’ of a few decades back that would be great :sunglasses: Barring that I want BL2’s DPUH and BL3’s Hellshock- didn’t play enough of BL1 to get any legendary other than the Hellfire…