Choose ur legendary for bl4

You have a gripe with the word “splash”? Or do you want explosions to not be able to impart (actual) elemental damage?

I mean, they can easily make explosions impart damage by giving it an elemental value. Yeah, the word is used to describe non elemental things, but it’s a video game. You can do whatever you want… You know, like phase grasping…? :man_shrugging:

I was actually inquiring what the functional difference would be, in changing “splash” back to “explosive”? Is it just a word preference, or is it a tangible difference in how they work?

EDIT: Had to do some research. You mean you want it to go back to doing more damage to armor?

In BL games prior to BL3 Explosive was an element no different than Corrosive, Incendiary and Shock. The damage dealt with Explosive damage was always in yellow letters.


This is a completely different feature than Splash damage. Splash is simply any damage that can be dealt in an area around the point of impact. The Norfleet is a perfect example of how Splash damage worked in contrast to Explosive damage. The orbs from the Norfleet dealt damage in a massive area around the explosion but could not legitimately roll in the Explosive element due to being a Maliwan weapon. So it always dealt massive Splash damage in every element BUT Explosive.

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It was an element in BL1 and BL2… maybe the TPS… not a fan of that game… Anyway, having Torgue in the game demands that explosives be an element. How can you have Mr. Torgue yelling about using more explosives without an explosive element? I don’t understand why they removed it… but it was probably someone saying it was redundant and unnecessary… Which, when we’re talking about borderlands, it’s all redundant and unnecessary…lol

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I kind of remember, as I’ve played through 1, 2, and TPS at least once each. I mean, it kind of makes sense. An explosion is just kinetic energy moving outward from a fixed point. Why make it a separate element? Is there a mechanical difference? What is the purpose (benefit, advantage, etc) of having explosive be its own element? It’s like saying every gunshot that hits should pop up “BULLET”. Why? Kinetic damage is kinetic damage. It doesnt slow, or DOT, or debuff, so it seems like you could just make all splash damage do slightly more damage to armor (like the explosive element did in previous games) and call it a day. The Torgue explanation is weak. Weapons that cause explosions fit his bill enough on their own. Hell, he’s gone back on his own word with the Laser Sploder.

Ah… But what if it were a Laser Sploder with an Explosive element… :man_shrugging:

You kinda need to relax a tad with the serious talk, man. It’s a game. And in every Borderlands game to date, except BL3 and Tales from Borderlands maybe, has had explosive as an element. At least keep it for continuity.

I think there is a difference between someone hitting you with a grenade and you only experiencing pain from a kinetic hit, compared to having that same grenade exploding and, well, hurting you with all that released energy and shrapnel.

Real bombs hit for massive damage not because they move fast, all that TNT is worth something too.

Yes, literally the only difference is the amount of kinetic energy, and the fact that it goes in every direction instead of one.

It’s worth the same thing as gunpowder pushing a bullet. “All that TNT” just pushes the shrapnel and air with more force.

It’s fine though. You guys have reasons, they’re just not solid ones, but you’ve chosen to stick to them. Let’s see if “it used to be this way, nothing really makes sense, and something something Mr Torgue” is enough to convince GBX.

I am eagerly awaiting your explanation how nuclear bomb works then - I’m sure it’s also just kinetic energy, so it’s either moving very fast, is very heavy, or both - right? Because it’s just m*v^2/2 after all. :slight_smile:

And all this time these idiot weapon designers were putting explosives into artillery shells for no good reasons…

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Speak for yourself.

More loot is good, the only thing should be change is may be the random nature of Mayhem.

and sandhawk as the smg.

Pimpernell from BL2
Anarchy from BL1
Hellwalker from BL3.

Blockquote so which legendaries do you think EARN their legendary status and should return to a very small pool of legendaries for bl4

Why do we need a small pool? Just make 200+ unique legendary weapons which is possible. Don’t give us less content, give us more.

Anyways the legendaries that should return imo are

Redistributor, plaugebearer, pompt critical, grease trap, all the call weapons, stauros burn, reflux/brainstormer, Anarchy, Lucky 7, Mother too (please name it the Mother three) quadomizer, seeryul killer, trouble shooter

Faulty shield, frozen heart, stinger, beskar, infernal wish

Hex, hunter seeker, lightspeed, mesmer, company man, and the toboggan.

Infinity Pistol, Krakatoa (pre-nerf), The Bee, Storm (pre-nerf), Firestorm (pre-nerf), Sand Hawk (rifle), Quasar, Storm Front, Bonus Package, Pandemic, Unkempt Harold, Conference Call, Hellfire, Volcano, Cobra, O.P.Q. System, The Lob (pre-nerf), Yellowcake + class mods. I would also love to see the Magic Missile grenade and other TTAODK legendary grenade mods.

why less? because the pool is bloated
bl3 has so many fixed guns that are basically 1 gun and no variations its sad.

less legendaries more quality legendaries that are UNIQUE

"Just so we’re all on the same page, the ratio of Legendaries to non-Legendaries is mathematically WORSE in BL3, compared to BL2.

BL2 is 1/177,500
BL3 is 1/4,000,000

Even with a huge margin of error, the ratio in BL3 is closer to ZERO than it is to the ratio of BL2.
BL3 has (approx) 0.23% as many legendaries as BL2.

Also, take into account variable parts/prefixes, varying elements (more than one on Maliwans), underbarrel attachments, anoints, etc."

We don’t need Pearls. We don’t need fewer Legendaries. We need wrongly labeled Legendaries (Superball, Malak’s Bane, etc) to be reclassified as unique purples. We need a flat, minimum dedicated drop chance of 15%. We need all dedicated drops to have multiple sources/also be able to world drop. We need ALL legendary drops to scale with difficulty/mayhem mode, story completion, level, and times in a row a boss has been farmed. Most of all, we need to bury the “Legendaries should drop so infrequently that you can go months without encountering one” crap so deep that God can’t find it.

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while i can agree with most of this

  1. i think pearls should / need to return same as seraph weapons and rainbow
  • seraph weapons / raid weapons are fun
  • rainbow / set items that combined give for specific things a massiv boost is a cool thing i like in other games that have them / the diablo esc games
  • pearls should be hybrid weapons or be some sort of extreme gimmick that can alter the game in a way. for example, a water gun that can enhance all shock dmg by some ludecrous amount as an example
    or a gun that has slag, and its the only slag gun in the game, or something like that
  1. we need drastic re balancing too
    i rly do think legendaries should be so hard to find that you can go a whole playthrough without seeing a single one

and i do think purples should be the go to weapon, while legendaries and other high rarities are simply on the op side of things with their rarity

now if the drop chances are extremely low and the meta is around purples more so then legendaries for a longer period of time that makes a legendary automatically better

One weapon that is truly legendary and needs to return is the Bane.

I like Unforgiven for it’s style and idea. Wouldn’t mind seeing it have another go. While we’re at it, could we not make crit-swapping a thing that exists in yet another game? Can’t believe that made it into BL3 when it was such a well known exploit in BL2.
Having said that if we were to have only 1 Jakobs pistol legendary and ricochet was still their gimmick then I’d rather have Wagon Wheel for pistol and maybe leave the high crit for their sniper representative (right now Monocle would be closest idea).

And now having said that, I want to see Godfinger again, just with a more sensible range requirement for it’s ability.

While I rarely use it, Nukem has always been such a cool idea it’d be a damn shame not to have that.

I want to see a Dahl version of Unseen Threat. Switch between single shot or quick 3-round burst. Same effect otherwise.

There’s some pretty cool weapon out there but nothing really springs to my mind that I’d straight up advocate for from the top of my head.

What I can say is that I really don’t want to see more legendary bloat by introducing dozens of weapons with “manufacturer X gun but it has manufacturer Y gimmick”. It’s not original or interesting IMO.