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  • Grouse
  • Sparrow

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Honnestly, those two bots are by far my favorie character in B3, and represent two main psychological profile. But which one do you connect with the most?

You have to tone down the fact that Sparrow was written as a bit of a simpleton

team grouse he is my dawg

It kinda make you think that the incapable to be happy robot win by a landslide

i mean he knows what universe he is living in so how is he supposed to be happy on top of that he knows his is just his msters slave :d he passes the butter basically.

Truth be told, the two of them together kinda remind me of Pinky and the Brain.

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I think I’ve seen someone explained it was a reference about something else, some story about two bird, hences the names Grouse and Sparrow, but I’ll admit I thought of Pinky and the Brain too first

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