Choosing Ghalt on The Algorithm warning

The game says something along the lines of “it will be difficult to play as Ghalt on this mission, are you sure?” and you have to confirm. Isn’t that a mistake? Ghalt is a ranged character with good damage, and there’s no need for such warning…?

They say the same thing for miko, deande, and Attikus. I just soloed heliophage (normal) with deande earlier for her rendain lore. If she can handle heliophage, I think ghalt can handle the algorithm

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I don’t get it … the only thing that gives trouble at The Algorithm is when you play melee. So shouldn’t it instead give warning about all melee characters?

It’s just a precaution. Some characters are better suited for different stages. This is just to warn the average/casual player who might not be able to handle it. It’s just about skill level.

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Theres a reason in multiplayer "… Haul ass and Roast Noobs … in 3, 2 ,1 " There are beginners who are not skilled with certain characters as others have mentioned