Choosing your region and Unable to find Multiplayer games

While in game, someone in the team chat had mentioned that when u install the game or run it u can choose which region you want to play in. Is this true?
Ive been waiting 10mins for mulitplayer and i am still unable to find. Currently i am in India playing this game. But i cant seem to find anybody :pensive:
Is this problem gonna prolong?

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Same here, can’t find an opposition team in any mode even after I find 4 other teammates

I used a vpn When it was Open beta to switch to a uk Country & it worked fine but now with the full version out its not working ,Maybe its the player numbers.But they need to fix its before i get my reFund back

I am very disappointed. Still cannot find PVP matches. This sucks :frowning:

Still no reply or suggestion or any help… disappointing