Christmas Event? Maybe... maybe not?

It would be cool if they can start doing more content when the vaccine is available to the world at large.

Developing can be done at home easily, and any collaboration can be done by video link, so I’m not sure how much difference having a widely available vaccine will make.

I agree wholeheartedly with cutting the employees slack regarding releasing new patches, fixes, content, etc. because of the pandemic. However, I do not agree with cutting the company any slack with regards to communications.

Management could easily be making formal announcements asking for patience due to Covid delays, giving us revised projected roadmaps, assuring the player base that all is well, etc. But once the marketing campaign hype of Season 2 Pass and next gen support died down it has been deadly silent. It reminds me of the last days of TPS when things got real quiet and then we learned that they disbanded 2K Australia and stopped providing new content for TPS.


If we don’t get some kind of hotfix / patch / announcement this coming Thursday then I’ll seriously be wondering whether they’re effectively done with Borderlands 3. Maybe the sales on season pass 2 weren’t what they hoped and they’re now seriously stretched producing anything.

It would be a different thing if there was some form of communication. If they just said, “We’re spending all our time working on the Director’s Cut” or “Here’s the road map for the next X months” then we’d know where we stand and the dry spell would have a sense of direction.



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I’ve been getting into some other games and to be honest I don’t buy the whole covid excuse.

I’m seeing new games, older games, and pre-release games that are currently giving full patch notes, roadmaps, and clear communication of the direction of the games. All from various devs, large and small studios. I’m also seeing fully fleshed out DLCs and ongoing event schedules.

Seeing all of this from other developers, I can’t give GBX a pass for covid. There is zero excuse for the lack of communication.


Playing torchlight 3…

The devs are still making changes to the game and updating it.

All the while keeping the players updated…

I’ve read more from them in the short time since release, then I’ve seen from GBX over a frigging year :expressionless:

Said this before… They allready got my money and so don’t ow me anything anymore… But I’ll be damned if I give them 1 stinking cent ever again :roll_eyes:

And I’m sure I’m not the only one that GBX rubbed the wrong way

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I was disappointed they didn’t do one last year.

Heck, at this point I’d be happy with a a revamp of the one from BL3 ported into BL3. That was a great farming DLC.

Meh … It’s not nothing …

Well, solo players exist so to them kinda. Just hope the hotfix buffs some more weapons.


Allways fun to see them ignore solo players :sweat_smile:

And farming bosses seems so much fun in co-op :joy:

Or takedown haha play 5 or 10 minutes and then rejoin again… Yeah… Streamlined AF :sweat_smile:


Ignoring solo players, glaring issues with their split-screen implementation, and all of the problems with matchmaking.

Yea, and about that farming bosses thing. It’s really awesome how it kicks everyone out of your game when you save/quit. Love that new feature in BL3.


I’ll probably go on matchmaking more over the next month, or maybe just play as normal but open my game to the public… and then kick anybody out who uses modded gear. Ultimately, though, it’s all the same stuff. How many times can you replay the Guardian/Maliwan Takedown or the Circles of Slaughter before getting tired of it?

Whatever issues do you mean? haha. We all know that GBX is “aware of it”…or was it “looking into it”? Its been so long since any communication I forgot which one it is this time. Perhaps “not at this time”? Silly reported concerns.