Christmas is here. Where are the presents?

I chose the handsome collection so that it would cover both games. Now, I’m pretty sure that while we all can agree that the borderlands Christmas time is good, it could be better. Nothing happens in the second except for maybe some golden keys, and in the pre sequel we only have iwajira change to cryo, some enemies change as well I think, and we get a blue rarity weapon. It’s pretty dull if I’m honest. What we need is a Christmas special

What I’m saying is take the normal Christmas stuff and ramp it up a lot. For borderlands 2, make the drop rates in the Christmas dlc increase significantly, and add the norfleet and seraph weapons. For the pre sequel, implement a new mission where you’re sent to find the only Christmas tree on the moon for springs, and you encounter a boss that has a chance to drop and legendary plus one of his own, crying based of course. This boss could either be a snowman or Santa himself. There should at least be something Christmas like in the pre sequel like in bl2.

And for the grand finale, the borderlands social media would put out a list of shift codes, for each game, of every rare or unique item, and allow players to pick five of them. When you put it in, you’re able to choose the element and type, so that you are best fitted with it. You will only be able to get five, no duplicates.

It’s just my opinion but I think that it would be nice to have a big Christmas present from gearbox


Presequel is no longer being worked on by 2K Aus as far as ik

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Yes, but gearbox themselves do all of the rewards and update the game, so they should be able to throw that in there

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2k aus was shut down actually lol.

Yeah that’s what I thought. I was just too lazy to look it up and didn’t want to be proven wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: