Chronicler of Elpis x Cold War

(David A.) #1

Does this COM boost Cold War’s freeze chance on non-cryo weapons? I was kind of losing hope in creating an Elemental Wilhelm but if someone can confirm this then I’m definitely going to give it another shot.

(Calzones) #2

It depends on how Cold War works. If it’s a flat 25% chance for an enemy to become frozen when using another element, then no it wouldn’t work. But I think it actually works as 25% to cause frozen damage instead, which then has a chance to freeze. If this is the case then it may actually increase the chance for Cold War to proc. Will need to test it to find out I guess.

Anyway, I use an elemental Wilhelm without this Class mod and I love him. Plowing through mobs with a Corrosive weapon (considering how weak Corrosive is) is hugely satisfying.

(David A.) #3

@Calzones word haha but unfortunately I think you were right the first time about the flat 25% chance to freeze. (read over the skill again) Cold War is still a fantastic mobbing skill though. Are you specced into Venom Bolts or did you skip it?

(Calzones) #4

I specced into that all the way. I think its quite underrated, actually. It makes Corrosive somewhat viable and the Venom Bolt itself is quite strong, giving Wolf a DOT as well as a splash attack (It can hit multiple enemies if they’re grouped together.) This is the build I used at lvl 50, and my main weapon for Corrosive is the Viral Marketer. The class mod, can’t remember the name, gives +5 to Venom Bolts, +4 to Suppression and +4 to Rolling Thunder, as well as a fire rate and magazine size boost. Add the fire rate and ammo regen from Overcharge, (as well as fire rate from Suppression) you fire out a ridiculous amount of rounds with it. With Cold War they freeze quite often because of the amount you’re firing out, giving a boost to crits which are easy to hit with the Marketer. The marketer also bounces bullets into other enemies, giving a chance to freeze them as well. I use omega strike as well as the explosive damage works well when you freeze an enemy. Obviously you want to paint your targets as well.

You’d be surprised at how fast you breeze through enemies with this set-up. I’m even good to take out Bad-asses in UVHM with this set-up, which is surprising. It’s also hugely satisfying.

So hope with the campaign dlc they release more legendary class mods. Preferably one with the 3 I use as well as 2 other in either HK or Dreadnaught trees.

Edit: This is how the tree looks with the class mod I use.