Chronicler of elpsis

OK I now have one of these (thanks John) and I am trying to come up
with a decent build for it. And as usual I need help. So any comments
would be appreciated. Thank you. BTW I am a mid to long range fighter
(prefer mid) and I do not melee.

I thought about a build for this COM, too. IMO a sniper build would fit perfectly because the cryo bonus allows easier freezing which will result in easy crits (enemies unable to move) and a higher crit damage. And crits in combination with the skill bonus to Escalation will result in less downtime of your action skill. Overcharge could solve the ammo issues you’ll have with the small sniper ammo pool. And you could even use an Amp Shield due to all his bonuses to shields.
That’s not exactly a build but some basic ideas I had for my own build.

This, I think

Is Cold War any good with a cryo weapon setup?

Hazmat can proc it too, just put on a nice adaptive and go.

I assumed it would help but now I may have to rethink that

Thank you all for your comments I will definitely try them out

Yeah, I thought so, too. But with my mid- to long-range setup Hazmat rarely reaches the enemy.

For Chronicler of Elpis I actually find that foregoing Cold War and dumping all the points in to Escalation is the way to go, especially if you like snipers.

Reason being that this Mod encourages using Cryo weapons because of the elemental damage buff. And a good Cryo sniper - let’s say a Maliwan Corinthian/Snider, Cryo Railgun, etc. - will already have a very high freeze chance, and coupled with the Mod’s freeze chance it will almost always proc. Cold War doesn’t add any more damage to you here - it’s only adding more freeze chance. But more points in Escalation is buffing your Crit damage substantially.

My Elpis build looks like this.

Thanks for your reply. My build looks almost the same:

I see. For your playstyle, your spec is far better. Also, there isnt a better COM for sniping? The skills boosted by the CoE are for a more mid to close range combat IMO.
I have one question, tough: Dahl burst drain your shield in every shot of the burst or only the first? If it drain all the shield you could make use of Emergency Response buffs while sniping. And Divert Power

CoE actually suits a mid to longer range Hunter Killer build really well, because of the buff to Wolf via Rolling Thunder and for a sniper build Escalation is a really key skill - it is the only Com which boosts it and it gives a huge bonus to critical hits.

A little question to all of you: what amount of damage reduction is Divert Power granting when boosted to 9/5?
It should be something over 90%. But what is the exact number?

I’m not exactly sure, but for the first 5 points it goes 50 - 66.7 - 75 - 80 - 83.3, so there’s definitely diminishing returns at play. I can’t see it worth going 9/5 on it.

The damage reduction is 90% on the dot with 160% shield recharge delay.
Honestly, as much as I love the skill, not worth putting more points into it after 5/5.

Thanks. I calculated it and it seems like the skill is adding 100% damage resistance per point, what leads to the numbers we know in damage migitation. Its the best pseudo-one-point-skill Wilhelm has and at 5/5 just fantastic for bosses, but for 6,7% more damage migitation, its not worth the effort of goin three rounds in the holodome for the com alone.

Example of the damage reduction at 9/5;
100 damage gets reduced this way:
100 : (1+9)=10

Translate DR to damage mitigation isn’t always the best because it isn’t directly applicable to the actual gameplay. IMO it’s better to translate it to “additional time of surviving” and this can be done 1:1.


  • 10% DR = live 10% longer than without it
  • 100% DR = live 100% longer than / twice as long as without it

But I agree that putting more than 1 point in it if you’re using the CoE COM is wasted.

Especially in the german translation, they throw around the terms Like there is no tomorrow. Its really pointless. And as a newby to borderlands, Its not easy to understand.