Chubbies of borderlands 3

So far I’ve gotten 2 and both were skags in the droughts. Both of them netted legendaries as well. They were much healthier and way more aggressive then I remember from BL2, which basically consisted of kiting them while they did there charge and then laying into them. Has anyone else seen or killed chubbies? Have you always netted a legendary upon killing? Has anyone seen any other type of chubby because quite honestly I’m dying to see a chubby jabber…


I’ve never came across any chubbies in bl3 my friend has loads of times I can never seem to find any

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I ran across a Droughts rakk chubby yesterday around level 7 or 8 with Amara.

It took me a bit to work out what it was as it was during the legendary hunt portion of the map.

The rakk was definitely more aggressive than normal and took a bit of work to bring it down due to a combination of higher health, the flying speed/pattern of rakks in BL3, and me trying to punch above my weight with the new character and having low level gear.

The same battle also spawned a bunch of rattlesnake rakk hybrid things that were slithering around on the ground during the same battle.

Alright, alright, good to know. Now we just need a confirmation of exactly how many enemy types can be chubby or tubby. Still hoping for that chubby jabber.
By the way, did it drop you a legendary? Both my chubby kills netted legendaries but regrettably, like most things in this game, it was random. I believe the first one dropped me a tri-bolt at around level 10, I tried for a few minutes and immediately stashed it because I did not see any effect on it worth using and the second chubby I killed was level 50 MM3 at the droughts again and it dropped me a flakker. Was kind secretly hoping they would drop legendary class mods only but no dice.

I’ve just come across my first chubby, a skag in the droughts while farming Demoskaggon and it dropped 2 legendaries - an anointed monacle and a bouncy pair. I had the increased luck relic on and was playing on mayhem 3 so that may have influenced it but exciting regardless!

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Same! Couldn’t get a legendary to drop from the demoskaggon for the life of me but got one from the Chubby!


Several skag chubbies while farming the other day for the Skeksis or whatever it is called off of Skragg. Some legendaries off of them, but not always.

I believe the chubby I ran across did drop a legendary but I was so early in the playthrough that it was a level 7 or 8 legendary.

I haven’t seen a Chubby or Tubby, but I have came across an Engorged enemy. I was under the impression they changed the name to engorged, instead of the chubby/tubby naming convention.

I’ve killed a handful of chubby Skags & Rakk while playing. That is pretty much my end game right now, chubby hunting. Which was the last thing I was doing in BL2 before getting BL3. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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I’ve seen a fare few skags, but the Rak version is the Engorged, and if your trying to loot money quick, these are the ones to hunt. You can stick on the loot relic which boosts cash drops by over 100% and get millions from these things along with loot drops.

I was farming Princess Tarantella II and had a number of these appear in the arch before getting to her spawn. They just rain cash which is great if your still getting the ammo upgrades from Marcus.