Chubbies / tubbies

…are in the game. :+1: (not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere…)

They’re called chubbies like in normal mode in BL2. Anyway, I spotted a chubby skag among the others while doing the hot dog chef’s side mission. Dropped a ton of loot upon death but no legendaries on this particular kill (hopefully they have a chance of dropping them.)

Happy hunting!


Chubby rakk…as a side note…GOD I HATE FLYING THINGS!!!..and he died splashing a ton of money so far away from where i was shooting him

I got a chubby skag on that mission, too. No legendary, but I’ve gotten 2 legenadies off weak Mooks (oddly enough, both at lvl 7 and lvl 8), and badasses seem to have a relatively high drop rate as I’ve gotten 2 other legendaries; 1 off a named badass and the other off a boss.

The Grandson of Mothrakk. :smiley:

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At first I thought it was a loot midget, but he didn’t come from a chest. He was midget sized but had a yellow pointer above his head. After I killed him he exploded cash all over the map. I am inclined to believe now he was probably a chubby/tubby midget type.
The cash went everywhere …

Sounds like a Loot Tink, but I could be wrong.

I’ve recently resetted the mission and I’m doing new run on my character, I have seen a lot of loot tink

Why don’t I find them in the game anymore?

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Dunno, their spawn rate might be higher while running mission (since spawnrate during quest are different)

Chubbie skaggs were there at game drop. My early VHs found some in the Droughts… Haven’t seen any lately.

I’m going to echo some other’s experience, so far I’ve only found Chubbys when farming the Dragonskaggens in the Droughts.
Nothing good from them yet, and I haven’t personally seen them on any other map.

I ran across chubbies when farming for Skeksils. Once every 10-15 runs. Drops weren’t great, but they definitely dropped more than your average goon

Got pics and video of a level 5 Chubby Skag while getting biofuel for Sanctuary.



You first see the Chubby Skag coming out of it’s den at 0:44:37 into the video. Then I play with it a bit until some bandits annoy us.

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