Chubbies VS Tubbies

Hey guys,

My first thread/topic on the new forums aaaannnnddddd…it’s a couple of questions.

Ok, so I finally got my Axton to lvl72. I’ve heard that going behind Ellie’s garage in The Dust is a good place for chubbies/tubbies, with which I agree as I had a good couple of runs last night.

However, which one is it that drops pearls, chubbies or tubbies? Or does it not matter? Also, what are the requirements for pearls? I’ve read that you have to be in UVHM and over lvl61, is this correct?


Tubbys only spawn in UVHM, chubbys are in TVHM, Tubbys are much more likely to drop good loot

Sweet, thanks for the clarification man, I was slightly worried that my hard work was going to waste! Got three leg. class mods last night though, and a Cracked Sash in Frostburn Canyon.

Not a problem mate.

Gotta say for one night that’s a pretty good run, I’ve gone days with nothing

Yeah, unfortunately it seems to be going that way over here… just down to luck though.

Should also try badlands out, easily my top spot for tubbies. Also a lot of loot migets spawn around that area as well.

Chubbies are renamed to Tubbies in UVHM, and with Pearls only dropping in UVHM, the Tubbies are the ones to farm.

And if you want the legendary COMs and pearl items added over and above base game, you’ll need to be > level 61.

Nice one guys, thanks for the help, and @PLAYERJLC definitely the Badlands. I’m at Tundra Express in the story at the minute, about to set the…“ladies” off any moment now, so I’ve got a fair way to go though!

Legendary Tubby COMs actually start dropping with yourself on 61 (but you do need both Packs) already but they can’t be 61. Because the minimal level is 62, you aren’t as likely to find them while you’re 61 yourself. Enemies in UVHM tend to drop their gear in a -2 to +2 Level range. Because they can’t drop below 62, which is +1 in this case, you are much less likely to find them on 61. With this in mind it might be possible to find Pearls on 61 too but considering that they would essentially be “deleted” 60% of the time (as they probably can’t spawn below 62 too) it is not advisable to farm for them on that level either (especially because they are very rare to begin with).

I have some terrible TV screencaps from the PS3 Version of my Zer0 being on 61 with the COMs dropping on 62 if the need arises.

But yeah, don’t actually try to farm on 61. The earliest time you can start farming reliably is on 64 but you should wait until the level cap unless you really want some COMs early.

Thanks man, really helpful!

Actually Chubbies will spawn in Normal mode too, and you will see them in DLC. Virtually anywhere with Skags, Rakk, Spiderants, Stalkers, Varkids and Tiny Tina’s Skeletons.

Some of the favourite runs were behind Ellie’s, Frostburn loop, Arid Nexus maps, Wildlife Preservation, and down by Doc Mercy. I think Frostburn and Ellie’s were the most popular, as they had other Legendary drops on the run and Frostburn was always my favourite because of Scorch, Spycho, the Red chests and Loot Midgets too. Varkids are slightly different though, as the evolution needs nursing, and it’s your only path to my favourite in the game - Vermiverous! As for Stalkers, well they can just go fooook em selves!!! What platform you on @TheRandomGoth ?

Cheers, that rings a bell. I’m sure I got my Bunny from a Chubby in NVHM in Arid Nexus.

I’m on 360 in answer to your question!