Chubby/Tubby help please :)

Can anyone help me find one? I’ve been doing the creature slaughter for
hours and hours but to no avail and yet people are saying they find 1 or
even 2 per time they try it?? I just want the trophy. I have a level 72
siren with some 72 gear and OP5s. I don’t have Round 1 unlocked though,
and I don’t feel like going through the game again just to get it. I
could use some advice, or a better location maybe. Or if you can let me
join you for the kill that would be great~ You can keep all the loot if
you want. I just want the trophy ^^

Psn: Fuzz237

Try the Dust. The front and back of Ellie’s garage has always been good spots for me. I’ve had up to 4 Tubbies in a single run when RNG decides to bless me.

They don’t spawn much in creature slaughter. try three horns valley lots of skags its been kind to me lots of skag chubies

Does anyone have a level 72 legendary ninja class mod on ps4. It would be greatly appreciated. GT is xxbigtom93xx

I can toss one your way. I’m on most nights at 10:30 est. PSN: Sun_TsuNami

Alright thanks man. Just added you :slight_smile: