Chubby/Tubby help

Can anyone help me find one? I’ve been doing the creature slaughter for hours and hours but to no avail and yet people are saying they find 1 or even 2 per time they try it?? I just want the trophy. I have a level 72 siren with some 72 gear and OP5s. I don’t have Round 1 unlocked though, and I don’t feel like going through the game again just to get it. I could use some advice, or a better location maybe. Or if you can let me join you for the kill that would be great~ You can keep all the loot if you want. I just want the trophy ^^

My PSN: Fuzz237, on ps4 the Handsome collection.

Try The Dust (Ellies front and back, and along the gulley to the Black Queen spawn) or Frostburn Canyon (Go up left from FT through camp, through Scorch, up to Spycho and bandit camps). If you have DLC4, you can get TChibby Bones (Dragon Keep or the dungeons map.) Other place is Three Horns Valley - down from Happy Pig towards Steam & Power.

The TChubbies aren’t guaranteed anywhere really, since they’re a random chance off certain types of enemy spawning. You just have to run the maps repeatedly.

Cool, So I could potentially take 30 years to find one Dx Guess I just gotta keep trying. Does OP level effect spawn rate of Badasses/Chubbies?

Nope. not that rare! I haven’t kept track but, if I’m running the areas I mentioned, I’ll usually get at least a couple in an hour or so.

No idea TBH. I decided to max out at 72.

I don’t think OP levels affect spawn rates, although I could be wrong.

But as @VaultHunter101 said, Frostburn is a decent place for Tubbies.

I got back on BL2 the other day after a very long (for me) hiatus, and the second run though Frostburn a Tubby spawned.

It’s purely the amount of Spiderants in the whole run that dictates spawns, and of course, luck.

Welp I guess I’ll just keep trying. Hopefully I’ll find one~

Spiderants have the highest chance to be tubby due to the amount of badass spiderants you find. My favorite place is the dust I’ve found 3 in one run before, also iirc, you have to be in round 2 or 3 in the creature slaughter to be able to do that trick and you have to fail it purposely to keep on running it. Hope you find alot of tubbies!

They’re not that unusual! They’ll pop up when you least expect it. On my current playthrough, I’ve come across quite a few, actually. Skags and spiderants, mostly, but just a little while ago, this fella came along.


Does anyone have a level 72 legendary ninja class mod on ps4. The help would greatly be appreciated. GT is xxbigtom93xx

Try posting in the trading section! You’ll have a much better chance to get one there.

Arid Nexus Badlands/Boneyard is also another good place/s to look for chubbies & tubbies- my best day was finding five tubbies in one play thru in those two areas…

Wow. Had no idea that there were any human tubby variants. Never met one. Awesome. Are there any other human tubby types?

I think this covers all the tubbies So about Tubbies

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I’ve never seen one, and I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of it either. Would be very cool, though. Imagine a tubby goliath or a tubby nomad. :slight_smile: They’re both a bit chubby to begin with.

There are Loot Midget versions of Psychos, Nomads, Goliaths and Rats, but they are all very rare. I’ve met LM Psycho once, and LM Nomads a few of times, but not the other ones. These types of LM’s don’t jump out of a box like the Legendary LM’s, and afaik, they don’t share the same loot pool as LLM’s. They are just random spawns, and seem to just drop some ammo. But that’s for the Code Monkeys to confirm. I merely play the game, and enjoy myself. :wink:

Here’s a post with a list of unique enemies.

EDIT: And totally ninjad by @Maliwankenobi


The caustic caverns are also good. Every time a badass enemy appears, it has a chance of being a tubby, so if you go to the caverns and make varkids evolve to badass you’re giving yourself good odds. Also the caverns are the most eerily beautiful area in the game, so it’s wonderful spending time down there :smiley:

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Wait so if you evolve a varkid to badass it has a chance to become tubby when it comes out of the pod?

I’m sorry btw didn’t mean to be a post-ninja :blcensor:

That is what I read.

Oh didn’t know that. I’ve only seen two tubby varkids in tundra express and they were already tubby, or maybe in the confusion of injecting pods and stuff they spawned out of the pods because varkids can’t be badass until they evolve.Good to know.


You are hereby absolved! :grin: