Chubby/Tubby help

They’re not that unusual! They’ll pop up when you least expect it. On my current playthrough, I’ve come across quite a few, actually. Skags and spiderants, mostly, but just a little while ago, this fella came along.


Does anyone have a level 72 legendary ninja class mod on ps4. The help would greatly be appreciated. GT is xxbigtom93xx

Try posting in the trading section! You’ll have a much better chance to get one there.

Arid Nexus Badlands/Boneyard is also another good place/s to look for chubbies & tubbies- my best day was finding five tubbies in one play thru in those two areas…

Wow. Had no idea that there were any human tubby variants. Never met one. Awesome. Are there any other human tubby types?

I think this covers all the tubbies So about Tubbies

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I’ve never seen one, and I don’t think I’ve ever even heard of it either. Would be very cool, though. Imagine a tubby goliath or a tubby nomad. :slight_smile: They’re both a bit chubby to begin with.

There are Loot Midget versions of Psychos, Nomads, Goliaths and Rats, but they are all very rare. I’ve met LM Psycho once, and LM Nomads a few of times, but not the other ones. These types of LM’s don’t jump out of a box like the Legendary LM’s, and afaik, they don’t share the same loot pool as LLM’s. They are just random spawns, and seem to just drop some ammo. But that’s for the Code Monkeys to confirm. I merely play the game, and enjoy myself. :wink:

Here’s a post with a list of unique enemies.

EDIT: And totally ninjad by @Maliwankenobi


The caustic caverns are also good. Every time a badass enemy appears, it has a chance of being a tubby, so if you go to the caverns and make varkids evolve to badass you’re giving yourself good odds. Also the caverns are the most eerily beautiful area in the game, so it’s wonderful spending time down there :smiley:

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Wait so if you evolve a varkid to badass it has a chance to become tubby when it comes out of the pod?

I’m sorry btw didn’t mean to be a post-ninja :blcensor:

That is what I read.

Oh didn’t know that. I’ve only seen two tubby varkids in tundra express and they were already tubby, or maybe in the confusion of injecting pods and stuff they spawned out of the pods because varkids can’t be badass until they evolve.Good to know.


You are hereby absolved! :grin:

I actually saw that once in Caustic Caverns. I was doing the Lost Treasure quest and saw an adult varkid pod up to a badass pod, and when it emerged it was a tubby. The pod itself got so big I almost thougfht it was going go straight to ultimate badass…

So does the pod size determines tubby or just UBA status?

Don’t you know that size doesn’t matter? :blush:

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Pod size is based on what’s mutating inside it.

I like to farm Tundra Express - Farm house. I run the entire map usually. I get Tubby’s quite a bit. Always trying to get Vermi to show up. :slight_smile:

Best of luck to you.

Edit: I have this recorded if you want to see it hatch from it’s pod?

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That’s one thing I’ve never seen

I get them all the time. LOL That particular Tubby was spawning from a lowly varkid to an adult varkid. that is why the Tubby is flying. :wink: If it had been spawning from an already evolved adult varkid into a Badass, it would be a tubby that doesn’t fly. Those, in my experience, drop better loot. I know I get pearls from those Tubby’s. I don’t think i have ever gotten a pearl from this type of Tubby in the pic. The higher evolved Tubby’s I think yield better loot.

BTW - This Tubby yielded an OP8 Leg Sniper Class mod.

I feel ya tho. I still have never came across a longbow zero fuse time Quasar.