Chubby/tubby rakk

So I’ve come across so far 10+ chubby/tubby rakks and find they’re not dropping anything, does that mean that they just simple don’t have anything to give me or the game has a glitch? From my understanding, chubby/tubby creatures and bad guys give you at least money and a weapon or two but they literally didn’t drop anything.

Where did you find them? If it was in the Torgue DLC, all in the same area just off the road in Southern Raceway, they’re there for a side quest, and not random spawns. I’ve personally never seen one anywhere else, although I understand they can exist.

I actually fought a Tubby rakk in the Fridge not too long ago- I think I got either a Bunny or a WTF from it…

So, you’re saying we should avoid them? :wink:

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I shot one from a long distance once in Eridium Blight, could see loot drop, but never found it, figure it must have droped into the Lava :cry:

yep, spend a 15 to 20 minutes on them now and again for target practice, never have had any worthwhile drops from them

I also found a Tubby Rakk in the Fridge, he dropped me an OP6 mod for the gunzerker. If I dig through my old pics, I’m sure I could find it.

Edit: Wow, November 9th. That was a while ago.

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The items from tubby rakks can fall through some floors on some occasions. It’s a bit less common than it was.

Also the ones in torgue dlc can’t drop items.

Ok that sucks then cuz they’re my first encounter with chubby rakks, it’s good to know now that I won’t get anything thanks for the info.:smirk: