Chubby/tubby sorcerers

No there isn’t, though It would be awesome. I also want to see a Tubby Thresher, a Tubby Crytalisk, or a Tubby Bullymong!

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It would absolutely make the game even better with those. I’m hoping there will be more types of chubbies and tubbies in the next game. Can’t wait til it comes out!

This would be both the best and worst thing in the game, a tubby Fire Mage at OP8 would be like a raid boss lol. It would have to have a 100% chance to drop both the Hellfire and Pyrophobia, just 'cause.

Even if it was a Tubby version of the Badass Marauders, or other baddies. He could be called “Boss Hawg the Badass”.

Would a Tubby Fire Mage be able to do that thing where they lift themselves up into the air and throw fireballs at the player? Or would they be too heavy?

He would summon like 12 dudes who struggle to lift him


I’d really love to see these. It’s one of the enemies I’ve always wished for.

Really though, the idea of a tubby skeleton isn’t any less ridiculous.

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Well tubby skeleton does sound ridiculous but I actually came across a few, though never got legendaries from them yet

I would love to see Tubby Nomads and Tubby Goliaths! :grin:

I think the Loot Goon Goliaths are de facto Tubby Goliaths.

There should be tubby versions of everything ‘organic’: threshers, bullymongs, crystalisks.

Hell, give me tubby everything. Loaders, constructors, surveyors, buzzards, etc. lol

Tubby Buzzards… Holy crap that sounds like a nightmare… Even worse when knowing the loot can fall out of bounds in certain areas.

do tubby midgets exist in the game?:grinning:

Yup! They are adorable! They look like roided out Luchadores.

Here is a link, with pics of all the tubbies.

I have never seen a tubby midget. I thought I’d seen almost everything in this game.

Got one for you here!

A Tubby Surveyor would be pretty cool…


Maybe we’ll get a fat Maya in Borderlands 3.

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Lmao fat maya would be hilarious.