Chuck Norris / Luck Of The Draw FL4K - ST4CKBOT Build With 50 Second Wotan Kill / 14 Minute Takedown Clear

This can be cleared faster both boss and full takedown wise. This was a really good run to showcase what to do when you get downed though and have to reset

Mini Update:

We were running into an issue with ammo hitting max so we threw in a Baby Maker to get rid of that issue. Let’s us filter through ammo in a few seconds to be good for a full run.

For reloading we’re able to start reload animation - swap off the weapon - and swap back. This is going to make the gun reroll while we can still see the rolls for the gun. Makes the whole process even faster.

Also can run the whole set up without a pet. It has the advantage of negating pet based stackbot resets but if you have hollow point you’ll still get resets. I’ve had better runs without the pet in terms of damage but have to be able to navigate the build well losing out on the pet and it’s potential taunt (Not My Circus). It’s not really difficult to get to used to


Some good work! I have a simple question: why points in All my BFF’s over, say, Eager to Impress? From the description, BFF is health regen for teammates & the pet so (assuming mainly solo play) – is it just to make your pet more tanky? Or, does the health regen also work on one’s self? If so, I can see taking points in it but I’m not sure how it works.

I usually minimize pet stuff (they die so quick when bossing!) but perhaps it’s time to change it up.

He is using not my circus so pet needs some kind of boost since there is no points in master tree. He already has head count and eager to impress is far worse than head count (I never spec into eager to impress as it is more suited for the pet killing things, in M4 that is rare). It also gives the spiderant the same regen bonus he gets to keep pet alive. Hope that was a good explanation.


Makes sense. I’ll give it a try. I still wonder , though: keep pet alive for what!? Granted, for mobbing perhaps a little more useful but everything I see with bosses, pet just suicides right away? Well, everyone says pets become useless in end game.

Keeps the pet bonus for elemental and regen. Also pet helps with hidden machine for increased damage.

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@CDR_Shepard like jbow mentioned Not My Circus pet taunt provides a lot of aggro pulling so you get a whole tank. Not My Circus can make Fade away a pseudo gamma burst (outside of being immortal while gamma burst is up). Also the hidden machine damage increase is very nice. Once you give it a try let me know how it goes for you. Depends on the set up a bit but in some you can chain loop the taunt. For this particular set up not using elemental weapons so not using the spiderant. Could cryo something in the kit but main gun is kinetic. Can go with what you personally like more though.

@jbow2020 thanks for coming in and helping out. Definitely agree with head count being significantly better than eager to impress. I’ve found that 1 point eager to impress to be pretty nice in instances where I’m blowing up a group or just mowing through targets super fast. It just feels like it smooths things out a little bit in some spots. Have you tried out 1 point before? Otherwise I avoid it as well lol


I would spec similar to this with St4ckbot, I run Zane mostly now and Fl4k on back burner.

The way I have my Fl4k is just full Bounty Hunter mod with 31% smg 31% pistol so I run SMG/Pistols with cutpurse. My build is somewhere on this forum. I use no capstones :upside_down_face:

Zane is in an incredible spot at the moment. Glad he’s getting to shine more as of late. I’ll have to scour around the forums a little and see if the build pops up lol

He is, sadly only because of a mod lol. Wish he got the QOL fixed instead and his other Mods useable. (they are as good as Rakk Commander lol) His new one is just like Bounty Hunter but for kill skills.

Mine is below: (similar to what most people are doing for the new R4ck P4ck mod now, but was rolling with this even prior M4)

Yea they have been a roll with quick fix mods rather than adjusting things in the back end. I’m sure you’re familiar with Rakk ai being hit or miss at times. I’ll take a look at the build now. Done a cool couple of Rakk set ups so I’m sure we’ll have some similarities

I only use Rakks for heals, not damage. Fl4k can do more damage in the time it takes to proc Rakks in my opinion. Since I have no regen basically the otto idol, the ase 5% hp regen, recharger, and healing rakks are what make mine tanky. Otherwise I’d be a glass cannon.

Also in builds I try to make sure it is viable with other mods and this one you can use really BH, Red Fang, Deadeye, Stalker, or R4ck P4ck. Heck even Friend-Bot, or Rakk Commander(lol)

100% agree with rakks being more utility than damage. I even messed around with Splash, Eruption, and a whole lot of other stuff trying to make it a good feeling main damage source for M4. In one of my Rakk set ups I go for pretty much the same thing. Healing Rakks, last stand otto idol, and transformer for some good bulk. Been pretty comfortable with double elemental ase but the 5% health one is something that I enjoyed when i tried it out. The terror rakk regen set ups were nice but I never put together an official one when halloween was out.

Still looking through the build a bit because I’m multitasking lol.

Quick Edit: I enjoy versatility in builds a lot. The gunboy set up that Ratore and I made is pretty good at being able to swap on the go

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Definitely good with power inside and rakks to proc, so easy to see the switch between FA and RA if need be. Do you swap mods often, or run with one a bit?

I love the Linoge ammo regen play, I was messing around with a tediore pistol fl4k not too long ago and was playing around with either that concept or just going terror ammo regeneration with a hangin chad. Never ended up putting it out though and it’s not finished lol.

You can swap around but I really don’t swap things around a whole lot. In some spots it should be more efficient but I find it’s not needed too much for my play style at least. At the end of the day the builds are about how you want to play them though which I’m sure you’re a big advocate for

exactly, I lucked out with the cutpurse otto idol for sure, just melee when need ammo and using linoge I melee a lot :smiley:

I do carry a friend bot if I need my pet up in a sticky situation.

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Two F4ng + Hunter’s Eye was an option that Ratore and I have been messing around with in the background. It’s something that people never really do lol. Makes more sense math wise sometimes. I try to not to go super math oriented and go by flow of build most of the time though. This document was the first time I’ve looked at long equations in a while lol.

The pocket friend bot is amazing.

What do you like better, Second Intention or Ambush Pred?

Second intention. Ambush predator was supposed to get a range indicator which it hasn’t yet. In maggie and a couple of other guns second intention is amazing especially along side a cosmic stalker to boost that reload speed even further. Just makes some builds flow better. For some low count guns though or guns that just get the ammo back a bit slower second intention can be a little bit of a hindrance. I’ve been in situations with the brainstormer and stagecoach where I would get ammo back and the gun would already be auto reloading wasting the bullet essentially and cutting into dps. You can animation cancel it of course but it’s just something I’ve had occur while running a previous build. Even in those cases though I’d still say Second Intention is a net positive throughout the run

I started using more Multi-Pellets on Fl4k so the two-fang usage has become a bit obsolete.

I’m pretty much in the same boat for the most part. Maggie, Lucky 7, Stagecoach, and Brainstormer all do so much work

Launchers are really good right now though, might wiggle the double up into one of these sets up and maybe a cutsman or two on the side. Have a set up that could probably use a little bit of tweaking with this if the Hunter’s Eye math works out with it having values that aren’t accurate

What guns are you running now?