Chuggas per choochoo, another GB screwup

We’ve all seen it during load screens, GearBox’s hugely irresponsible and wrong four chuggas per choochoo.

And if you’re like me, you’ve gotten angrier and angrier about this patently false information continuing to infect BL3.

We all know, and it’s very easy to find, that there are always 8, 10, or 12 chuugas per choochoo, depending on the locomotive type. A Mallet with it’s 10 massive driver wheels, for example, is 12 chuggas per choochoo, while even the smallest engine like a switcher Pug use 8 chuggas.

This obvious mistake really destroys the BL3 experience.
ChooChoos are accents, exciting additions. Dropping one every 4 chuggas completely cheapens the value of a choochoo, and trivializes the rest of the game. QA should have caught this.
Also, this is another clear indication that Gearbox is not listening to users. In this case I mean literally listening, had they brought in as few as 10 users and had them play with a model locomotive they would have heard in the first minute that users default to 8 or more chuggas.
Even further, it can be argued that this load screen information should not even be in the game!!!. Chuggas and choochoos are of course associated with steam engines, diesels don’t make them. And of course as we all know BL3 is not available on Steam!!!1!!1!!
This is hugely frustrating. They’ve had more than a month to fix this, this could have been addressed in the first hot fix, but here we are, still subjected to this ridiculous information.

This makes me so angry that I’m not going to launch BL3 again until it’s addressed. Gearbox, are you listening at all???


I’m assuming this is satire, but I also assumed that when they said 4 chuggas they meant ‘chugga chugga’ four times.

Then again I assumed it would be a great couch Co op game to get into with my wife, and still waiting for that experience to meet my expectations too.

I really should stop with the assumptions it seems…


I think I need a bit more explanation here…

Detecting serious sarcasm, but still want to make sure what is being ridiculed.


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I considered that, but if that’s what they meant that’s what they should have said. They have plenty of text space in the load screens to be accurate. Screw-up either way.
Satire? You mean that I might be satirizing some of the more silly and over-the-top reactions to trivial things in BL3? Hmmmm, maybe…


WTH you are talking about? Post a screen for reference.


Jeez, his is a huge overreaction. Show me another game release with the correct amount of chugga-chuggas. Anyway, I’m sure they’re working on patching this, just be patient. Getting the chuggas into the rambicrantor matrix isn’t as simple as you think.


Everyone knows the proper number is 8…

Gearbox is way off with 4…


if they dont sort this in the next hotfix i am leaving borderlands and going back to train simulator 2018 and demanding a refund!



it’s a question of chugga allocation.

if chugga chugga = 1 then it’s 4 per choo choo
but if you are counting each individual chugga then it is indeed 8.

Gearbox needs to communicate the proper allocation on at least 8 different media accounts and the back of a cocktail napkin before we are allowed to get angry with this feature

it’s the rules


My issue is i wish the text would stay up longer since some have more to read. I’ve seen some interesting but can’t finish reading them.


You yankees and your Chuggas…well in Texas…it’s four chuggas…if you don’t like it…that’s just too bad…because Gearbox is in Texas too…If you dare change our chuggas we’ll cecede from the U.S…and precede to invade your gunless states…until you all accept four chuggas…the only way you can stop us is to from roaming bands of borderlands players…dressed as psychos…that is all.

Lol…that’s about as extreme as the original post stance on chuggas.


As an avid tester, I will take my laptop to parks, playgrounds, or daycares and with parents permission will interview or record the visual data in a spreadsheet. We need to get to the bottom of this.


Growing up, it was always one ‘chugga chugga’. I blame the US$-pound sterling exchange rate for your vastly inflated North American chuggas. That, and tighter curves on the local rail lines limiting the number of driving wheels.


People, stop talking about this! Gearbox is going to nerf the chugga count in the game if you guys draw too much attention to it. LOL :wink:


No, that’s eight chuggas which by law and morality is the minimum amount of chuggas per choo-choo.

This is clearly a game and immersion breaking issue that must be addressed before anything else. I mean, sure, we all want no crashes, more Bank space, better balance, more vault hunters, better performance, but the chuggas to choo-choo ratio must be addressed and resolved first. I mean, what are they? Fudging monsters…

Don’t try to pull that metric bullshazz here boyo. Chugga chugga = 2 chuggas, it’s simple math.


In fact the more I think about the great land that is Texas…the more I realize how similar Borderlands 3 is to Texas.

Borderlands 3 is huge…way to huge to be one game = Texas is huge…way to huge to be one state. Borderlands 3 has more guns than people = Texas has more guns than people.

You see the real problem here is that Texas chuggas are just bigger than the chuggas you’ve grown accustomed to…:joy::joy::joy:


there was i thinking all americans were “yanks”. i obviously require some education on this issue :face_with_raised_eyebrow:




Clang, Clang, Clang went the trolley.
Ding, Ding, Ding, went the Bell.
Zing, Zing, Zing- Wait are we talking about something other than Judy Garland here?


Aren’t most trains platform specific?