Circle of slaughter and proving ground not working?

I can’t geth either of them to work. I’ve reset I’ve even checked for an update. Is there something wrong?

What exactly do you mean by “not working”? Have you unlocked the locations yet? Successfully travelled to the circle/proving ground? Interacted with the quest giver? Hit the starting button? IOW where in the process have you managed to get to? Also, which slaughter (there are three) and which proving ground (six iirc)?

Im under the impression there unlocked. The only option i have locked is the takedown.

So you’ve actually been to these? Or are you just trying to use the Matchmaking options? Have you finished the main story yet? (I don’t think the terminals to unlock the proving ground become active until then.)

Have not completed story. Was under the impression it would help level me up faster. And yes, matchmaking options.

Two of the circles you should be able to attempt before then - you just have to go to the relevant location (one off Konrad’s Hold, one off Meridian Metroplex) then go through and talk to the quest giver. The SlaughterStar 3000 one you get as a mission once you complete the main story I believe? The proving grounds you have to complete main story, then go activate each podium. That gives you a mission to navigate to the proving ground platform from the Bridge etc.

I’m not sure if you can match make into either slaughters or proving grounds if you haven’t unlocked the areas first? Not something I’ve tried to be honest - I usually only do co-op via my friends list. If you want to do those - or just generally level up - you may want to simply post in the On-line Play section. There’s a list of active XB1 GTs you can add your name too as well.

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Thank you.