Circle of Slaughter: Can’t “enrage” 5th goliath

Okay what am i missing here.

-The last optional objective in Circle of Slaughter is “enrage 5 Goliaths”

-I have played through it about 10 times at least and I would SWEAR there is no 5th Goliath. Only 4 plus that Titan that seems to always be enraged.

Do i need to enrage a goliath, let him self-soothe, and then enrage him again?
Is that even possible?
Is there some way to enrage the Titan?
Am i just way worse at counting than i thought?
Will Torgue ever truly love me if I can’t complete this last side objective?!?!

Seriously though, if anyone has accomplished the “enrage goliaths” objective in 5th round COS, please let me know & sorry if this has been covered somewhere else or if this isn’t the right forum.


Wow didn’t think this needed the spoiler tag, sorry Moderator guy!

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Lol yeah I’ve done so many Slaughters and I’m pretty sure there are only 4 + the Titan.

They need to add more Goliaths or change the objective or something since I don’t think it can be completed right now.

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I noticed last night the Titan spawns by the stairwell in the top left corner of the map, and he starts with just the name “Titan” but i know i have seen his name show up as “Enraged Titan” before…

So the solution has to be in here somewhere.

Tonight i’ll try using my “who cares if she dies” character and only focus on the Titan and see if I can hit him with just the right thing to enrage him.
Lil Pump’s music enrages me, maybe ill try that lol

Thanks for helping me feel not alone on this though bro bro

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is there any point to complete the bonus objectives. Thought it just gave extra cash and 50,000 as an end reward hardly merits doing the bonuses for like 5,000 bucks on that when your getting guns and cash that total in the 100,000 - 1 mil range

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Well but its for Torgue though…

If it was like a Rhys objective i wouldn’t be tripping lol

Also since no one i know has done all the optional objectives whos to say if there isn’t some special reward for doing all 5? There likely isn’t, but i don’t know for sure

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no thats an answer i can get behind :purple_heart::100::boom::boom::boom:


You get an extra little pile of loot for each one you complete, and there’s also a challenge for completing 100 optional objectives (which I already have), but I still like doing them anyway.

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But have you ever done all 5 objectives including the enrage 5 goliaths?!?!

I mean how do we definitively know that we aren’t rewarded with a Torgue sexy-dance or something for completing all 5 extra objectives.


u guys need to report this to the support because gearbox are definitely not looking into this forum.

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I bet they might have a look just for laughs man lol

But i do have a open support ticket with them, I’m still at the phase where they’re telling me do a cache clear on my PS4 (that doesn’t even have a cache to clear)
But I’ll update this thread if I:
-find a way to actually enrage 5/5 goliaths
-or support tells me something besides “Have you tried hitting your console a little?”