Circle Of Slaughter: Last round, last wave, last enemy

2 COS matches in a row now with unability to complete since 1 (rakk?) enemy remains out of reach though visible in mini map corner after last round, last wave.

System: PS4

Anybody else xperiencing same issue?


sniper rifle or longbow grenades. i’ve had both save me from having to fail. i also try to prioritize rakks early on in those rounds to keep this from happening. rakk AI needs some help.

Yep mostly in Slaughterstar, occasionally cistern, rarely in Proving Grounds. It sucks to be sure, I think it has to do with the spawn algorithm in relation to the player. Or simply put the creatures spawn location is decided on by where you are. There is a positive point to it, it’s not a disconnect. That there is a real rage inducer. (like tequila)

That’s why I prefer the Slaughter Shaft. It’s the most challenging and NOTHING FLIES AWAY.

Too many rainbow rocket, it give my migraine

The Rakks bug out which can break the Cistern of Slaughter completely. Rakks are also the worst enemy ever created in any video game and I assume whoever created them originally hates people and downvotes puppy pictures on the internet as a hobby.

Slaughterstar will completely bug out in a multitude of different ways: enemies will spawn inside walls and get stuck, preventing you from progressing; waves will start early and unexpectedly, causing you to get stuck with 2 or more waves at once; the bosses will straight up disappear like ninjas while still doing their one shot kill moves from purgatory. Despite Maliwan being my favorite enemies, that whole circle is apparently a no mans land for Gearbox, since none of their developers or QA must have ever played it. I have never been able to finish it legitimately.

The Slaughter Shaft is the only one that is relatively bug free and that I’ve finished repeatedly without bugs preventing progress. It is also the one that will spawn 17 badasses at once, all with rocket launchers or merv grenades, which I imagine was also implemented by the puppy downvoting people hater who designed the Rakks.

Anyway, if you want to finish a Circle, go Slaughter Shaft. The other ones are all bugfests.

We had a lot of fun with one of the bug of the slaughterstar 3000. We blew a trooper backback, but he didn’t died and was stuck at 1hp.

Since it was the last enemy alive to clear the wave, be picked up shotgun and blasted him again and again until we droped him into the void, finally riding ourself of it.

i’ve completed all three legitimately, online, but the creature one took multiple attempts because of the rakk glitch. (rakk city glitch, rakk rakk city glitch)

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Lol. Got a good laugh. Thank you

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Nothing flies away but wait until you’re on M3 and annointed s get invisible stuck behind the truck! Happened to me probably 3 or 4 times.

I regularly farm M3 and haven’t had that issue. I’ve had them teleport in walls in other areas, but they generally don’t live long enough.

It’s a known issue they have acknowledged. I’ve only had it happen on M3 probably because that’s when you get so many.

This happened to me too ! I wasn’t clever enough to think of booping him off the edge with a shotgun, though. The next time they do the 1 hp immortality trick they’re going off the edge.

Maybe the Slaughterstar bugs are a console thing? I just know on PS4, the whole thing is broken from top to bottom. I did finish it once, but it was because in the middle of Round 2, Wave 3 it suddenly decided that I had finished it and I could turn in the quest. Torgue yells out that I’m done, gives me a guitar solo, and tells me to turn it in. I’m guessing because of a flag from one of the earlier bug-out attempts. It was good times.

Tx y’all for the bug confirmation :+1:

Yup. I’ve had issues with all three Circles of Slaughter too. In my experience, the Rakk bug is a frequent occurrence and is the only thing ruining the creature slaughter for me. The Cistern of Slaughter is by far my favourite but it’s frustrating when every other run results in a failure because a Rakk flew outside of the map. The Anointed in the Slaughter Shaft teleport glitching inside of the map happens far less but it’s still annoying when it does given how difficult this CoS is in comparison to the other two. It’s happened to me once elsewhere too, preventing me from completing a side mission on Eden-6.

The Slaughterstar occasionally glitches out for me, but it’s probably because I don’t play it enough to see how broken it really is. I’ve experienced instances where the quest has started the next round too early as well, and even where it’s skipped the round five boss fight altogether. I also happen to be on PS4.

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head to the sea. and use sniper find an enemy. its love to stuck some where.
if its on sight . use ground attack skill on siren . or atlas gun tag it.
check all wall egg. maybe its already hatching but its stuck inside egg.
but. if you found a dino mole is love to dig. you can shoot it. its take damage but its not
show any hp bar .and its keep take dmg. that mean you need to reset whole stage. its complete bug . its not a secrect boss
maybe some fly monster fly too high . and its not appear on map dot . make a clear sky and use some homeing missile shoot it .

I had a M3 run where I actually got all the flyers dead and not to glitch but got a spiderant stuck under the map whichever one burrows and jumps out I couldn’t get him to jump out he was just burrowing all over the map. Weird thing is I could get some damage on him as he moved but tried about 15 minutes to kill him or get him out and no luck.

I’ve beat it on M3 solo so it’s doable just have to avoid the annoying bad luck. Not nearly as bad as digistruck surveyors because that was so much harder.

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No no I agree. The Cistern is always my go-to whenever I’m playing by myself and every so often I’m able to beat it without any issues. I was just saying that it’s little frustrating having to restart a whole round and waste time trying to do it all over again because one enemy glitched out, especially when you’re playing on TVHM M3 and don’t have the greatest modifiers. I usually end up trying again anyway, despite it being annoying, because I’m stubborn when it comes to that sort of thing and also hate seeing the failed CoS quests in my Echo log.

I wouldn’t know, I’ve never done a Digistruct run before. I’m fairly new to the BL franchise and my highest character in BL2 is only 53. :sweat_smile: I’ve heard from friends about how difficult they are though.

Fun stuff. Felt like a king when I first did max peak solo with Axton who everyone talked about how crummy he was solo but his turrets really helped draw aggro on the peak and scaled up fairly well.

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i have had the same thing occur in COS where mobs can’t be shot. this also occurs at times with open world mobs. but overall very random.

HOMING…legendary hex grenades and rare/epic tracker grenades solve the problem, i have a recurring tracker grenade i got from a vending machine, same 2 grenade split, 3 mirv as the recurring hex but no elemental damage, but they do more damage than the legendary